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Pleated-Jeans Maintenance

UPDATE: This is a WordPress issue that is affecting numerous websites. It’s not my fault. Please join me in being angry at them! I have to wait to get an email response from them because they don’t have phone support. So, … Continue reading

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Weekend Pic Dump (1.1.11)

Woohoo – 2011! The future is here – let’s all teleport into our flying cars and go eat space hamburgers for lunch! But first, check out the very first Pleated-Jeans funny pic dump for the year. — —

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Funny Movie and TV Screencaps (12.31.10)

Happy New Year! Michelle and I are off to find the party now… — —

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What Were These Boots Made For? (PIC)

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Funny Pic Dump (12.31.10)

Savor the flavor guys…this is the last funny pic dump of the year. But fear not, there shall be hella more awesome to come in the New Year! — —

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8 Captioned Animals

— —

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Awesome Animated GIF Dump (12.30.10)

Oh man, this Pacman GIF is one epic moment in history. Although, those three ladies dancing on the doorstep further below are equally amazing. —

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