Pleated Jeans is a humor blog that operates under one simple goal: to make you laugh. From curious how-to articles and parodies to odd photos and simple lists, you will find something fun and new to enjoy every day of the week.

All articles written by Jeff Wysaski.

31 Responses to About

  1. socialmedianovice says:

    This thing is great! Do you have an RSS feed?

    • Pleated Jeans says:

      Glad you like the site. You can paste my Web address into your favorite blog aggregator. Or, you can click the subscribe icon on the side bar of my homepage.

  2. Thanks for the good vibes.
    The Birthday Boys

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  4. floomin says:

    just found this site…the stuff is as delicious as that pretzel..

  5. courtney hope says:

    Dude…I am pretty sure you are a genius. Your Chainsaws for Arms post just made my day.

  6. Brin-Marie says:

    Hi from San Francisco! Congratulations on finishing the Garfield puzzle!

  7. Ed Alexander says:

    A comment haiku

    Why leave a comment?
    I can type and You can read.
    Rock on, Pleated Jeans.

  8. trina says:

    bring on the pleaded jeans! i haven’t worn a pair in about 20+ years. ha.

  9. Janette says:

    i didnt get it was a joke!!!!!!! hahahahahahahaha

  10. Larissa says:

    i didnt get it was a joke!!! hahahahaha

  11. Missy says:

    Hey! This blog has a great concept; people almost always enjoy satire and I find it so much fun to write. Good work!

  12. dianeswords says:

    your blog is a total hoot. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. what a sense of humor you have. fantastic.

  13. eviejane says:

    Awesome! Adding you to my blogroll!

  14. th3uglytruth says:

    Dang and I thought them jeans were out of style! Keep it oN!

  15. Lola says:

    very funny site. makes me want a pretzel, though.

  16. Natalia says:

    I hope you are making money off of your wonderful, insightful humor!! The Onion should hire you ASAP!

    • Pleated Jeans says:

      man, I wish I was getting paid. Maybe some day. But for now, your positive comments are all the payment I need.

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Pleated Jeans. You are funny. Very funny. Also, I am pretty sure sure might be lurking somewhere in this article:

  18. Pleated jeans?!!! I can’t love that image enough. Great blog title. I’ll be checking in all the time. Not stalking. That would be wrong. Just checking in.

  19. kipperstein says:

    funny stuff!!!! love this site, i added you to my blogroll!! cause maybe the 6 people who visit my blog might want to laugh too…

  20. savereyes says:

    really enjoy your site!

  21. girl normal says:

    If your goal is to make me laugh, you can consider yourself a success. Maslow’s Hierarchy of internet needs was pure, unadulterated brilliance. Adding you to my blog role because it would be selfish not to share the laughter.

  22. jnetsworld says:

    I hadn’t laughed so much while reading a blog. So hilariously clever. Your blog shook my blues. Good medicine in this blog. Keep spreading the laughs and don’t ever stop writing 🙂


  23. Erica says:

    I was having a bad day, but then you made me giggle, pleated jeans. 🙂 WOOHOO!

  24. John says:

    Your blog is hysterical. It’s quickly becoming a daily visit for me.

  25. conanismyidol says:

    I absolutely love the site and I love the picture dumps and screencaps. I hope you continue posting them! 🙂

  26. Judy Demick says:

    Glad I found you. I blog and I’m always looking for blogs that really make me laugh. You have succeeded with your over the top brilliance. Why can’t we get paid for doing this or for anything else, I might add? I am your fan.

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