Funny Vintage Pic Dump (11.18.10)

Lets step back in time to hilarity!

My immune system (get lost virus, you ain’t getting through here). heymonster: jazzercise!

My Hitler Youth. lazybirds:  suddenly:  Kids these days. Disaffected youth of Today’s World. Some call them rabbit children. We know they are devils. (via mymilkglassheart)

My superhero action squad. butterflyeffects: via

My divorce proceedings. mogadonia:  oldhollywood: Mabel Normand as “Mabel, Sweet & Lovely” and Ford Sterling as the moustache-twirling “Villainous Rival” in the silent comedy Barney Oldfield’s Race for a Life (1913, dir. Mack Sennett). This is one of the first films to feature the archetypal silent movie plot of a damsel in distress being tied to the tracks of an oncoming train (via TCM)

(via negativepleasure)

awoade:  nevver: Wall of Death

mudwerks:  technohell:  ryotak:  youmakemefeel: PreviewScreenSnapz051   [Doug Henning has just taken car-sickness to a whole new level…at least the tigers ate most of him…]

My payback. mothmilk:  negativepleasure:  radioactivelingerie: (via glitterguts)

My latest crop. superwoobinda:  mudwerks:  Dangerous Minds | Funkadelic Performing “I Got a Thing, You Got a Thing, Everybody Got a Thing” on TV in 1970 [Maggot Brain - greatest album title ever…]

My marketing campaign. (via herooftheproletariat)

My roadside attraction. (via thedirtythirties)

My bus stop. are2: Look Both Ways

My entree. mudwerks: William Castle makes spine-tingling return in Jeffrey Schwarz docupic | Up Front | Jewish Journal

My precinct detective (with wife). fuckyeahdogs: (via dahliadelilah)

My karate class. mudwerks: DRILLPOP

My salty snack. juliasegal: All that…and a bag of chips. (via hewhocannotbenamed)

are2: Robot Love

junpoco:  ooliquidnightoo: My First Sony

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2 Responses to Funny Vintage Pic Dump (11.18.10)

  1. Yikes. That first pick had me flashing back to my short but eventful stint in prison….

  2. Allison Osborn says:

    The kid on the far right of the bunny pic reminds me of one of your childhood friends. Can’t think of his name though.

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