Funny Pic Dump (11.10.10)

Get ready – if funny pic dumps were waterfalls, this one would be Niagara Falls.


juliasegal:  cutupradio: Will Smith

MY mobile phone booth. (via kirp)

My gym partner. dtybywl: (via firstboner)

My suicide attempt.

botoflog: winter 2010

My door sign. juliasegal:  solutionsolucien: Jerry sounds like a dick.

My chaffeur.

My squirrel king. crappytaxidermy: submitted by wes b.

My meaning of life. juliasegal:  biorhythmist: (via anderrhea:duckandpenguin) Kurt Vonnegut for life playa.

An important quote from Kurt Vonnegut

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3 Responses to Funny Pic Dump (11.10.10)

  1. thypolarlife says:

    LMAO. That’s awesome. Thanks for the laugh! 🙂

  2. Dave says:

    Good stuff as usual!

    The stop sign… it looks familiar…

  3. Tianna says:

    OKAY SO the whale picture was DEFINITELY from a park in my hometown!!!!!! I’VE BEEN IN THAT WHALE BEFORE 🙂

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