Dealing With Reality (IMAGE)

Everyone, please welcome our newest member, the Triceratops.


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5 Responses to Dealing With Reality (IMAGE)

  1. caspianrex says:

    What?!? Triceratops isn’t a real dinosaur? Omigosh…do you know how many books I read as a kid, that showed the epic battle between T. Rex and Triceratops. This is worse than the Pluto debacle.

  2. caspianrex says:

    BTW, I did some more research, and it looks like Triceratops is the name that will be retained. Some article mistakenly reported that scientists had decided Triceratops was a juvenile version of Torosaurus, and that the Triceratops name would be “retired.” However, since Triceratops was discovered first, it is the Torosaurus name that will be retired. So Triceratops will not have to join that support group, after all. (I’m still pissed about Pluto, though…)

    • Pleated Jeans says:

      yeah, you’re totally right. even if the new triceratops is actually the torosaurus, I’m glad they decided to make the name switch.

  3. Allison Osborn says:

    I never heard about this. Glad it worked out the right way.

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