17 More Ridiculous Daytime TV Screen Grabs

Daytime TV is an endless treasure trove of ridiculous premises and WTF moments. Last time, I thought I’d mined all the best talk show screen grabs from the depths of the Internet. As it turns out, there’s an endless supply of them. For your viewing pleasure, here are 17 more hilarious daytime TV screen grabs:


I wonder if she prefers one-ply or two-ply. (source)

Anyone miss the Ricki Lake Show? Me neither. (source)

It’s happened to all of us at one time or another (source)

Goodnight, vagina (source)

Wearing a similar outfit does not make you a look-a-like (source)

Yeah, sure – “former” pedophile (source). Update: this is from The Onion. Still funny, though.



Hold on, I need to run next door and ask my neighbor for a cup of that fourth ingredient (source)

Don’t ever give away a man’s bologna sandwiches

I’ll take twenty! (source)

“Weight loss results are not typical”

Yeah right, Gary.

I’m guessing this was from a Saturday afternoon movie (source)

I’m just as lost as you are (source)



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6 Responses to 17 More Ridiculous Daytime TV Screen Grabs

  1. The rabbit is Massoud, the Iranian TV bunny who preaches hate and intolerance to children… Didn’t you prefer not knowing?

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