What Your Computer Desktop Wallpaper Says About You

Almost everyone tries to customize their computer desktop with a unique background wallpaper. In many cases, looking at someone’s chosen image can give you a pretty good indication of what they’re all about. Check out the images below to learn what your computer desktop wallpaper says about you:


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14 Responses to What Your Computer Desktop Wallpaper Says About You

  1. gökhan says:

    my wallpaper doesn’t fit anywhere: it’s a colorful artistic one with characters that look like from a bizarre cartoon.

    • Pleated Jeans says:

      hmm. sounds inspiring. here’s what it says about you: creative. day dreamer. unconventional. a huge fan of nachos.

  2. window says:

    Neither does mine…It’s a photo of a church blowing up with a burning tree next to it.
    And there’s buzzards. And gravestones.
    What does that make me?

    • Pleated Jeans says:

      ooh. nice one. here’s what it says about you: atheist. convicted. outspoken. wanted in three states for arson.

  3. pilot21 says:

    I don’t use wallpaper. I just have a black background on my desktop. 😛

  4. Ian says:

    So, uh, I have a picture of Bubba and Flapjack, what does that mean?

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  7. Karen says:

    I have a neutral, mid-gray desktop. Plain. Real plain. So I can go all wild and crazy with Photoshop without any distractions.

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  9. Lucy says:

    Welll, my desktop is an anime character… so I guess that falls into the video game category, because it pretty much describes me ^^

  10. sara says:

    I have got BOOBS on my desktop….what does it mean? :p

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