How Superheroes Fly (IMAGE)


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21 Responses to How Superheroes Fly (IMAGE)

  1. Murlu says:


  2. Phillip Gibb says:

    Aquaman, Psyclops, Gene Grey’s second cousin twice removed and ….. The Office man

  3. X-Man! says:

    it’s Cyclops, dumbass… he’s not psychic through his eyes or some crazy shit…

  4. Ariel says:

    Uh… Southwest doesn’t serve food.

  5. Bob says:

    It is a joke people relax, let’s not get critical on Name spelling and the fact that South West Doesn’t serve food. It is a joke.

  6. LOUDelf says:

    Joking aside, let’s think about all the people who go hungry on Southwest, and give them a moment of silence (farting is rarely silent, so don’t try).

  7. achilliad says:

    Aqua man doesn’t need to fly – he can swim faster! The Submariner wouldn’t be caught on an airplane either. lol

  8. Cami Trinh Faulkner says:

    lollzz 😀

  9. mellow says:

    Wait, is the joke how orange the girl in the third panel is? That really is hilarious.

  10. bigsack22 says:

    Nice and I want to fly.555

  11. Superheroes keep flying and never stop. The sky is the starting point. “Bravo”

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