What’s Getting Geeks Outside This Summer? [Chart]

What’s getting geeks out of the basement, away from their computers and out into the sun this summer? Review this handy chart to find out:


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21 Responses to What’s Getting Geeks Outside This Summer? [Chart]

  1. Mike Boozer says:

    good stuff

    -Mike, somebodyhadtosayit.com

  2. Norm Hill says:

    What true nerd still uses physical media to watch movies? 😛

    • Enn says:

      Exactly what I was thinking lol 😛

    • Enus says:

      Spot on, whoever wrote this is not a nerd.

    • guy says:

      actually, geeks (including myself) still use netflix DVDs in the mail for 3 reasons:

      1. it comes with the instant viewing, so you get that extra value. any geek would take advantage of it. geeks are the ones who never keep the DVD more than one day to maximize the value
      2. a very small percentage of netflix’s catalog is viewable online
      3. geeks will copy the DVDs that they rent from netflix and send them back immediately. you can’t really do the same in any sort of easy fashion using the watch instantly player.

  3. Aaron says:

    This is not up-to-date for the reality of 2010.
    From the Netflix website:
    Can I instantly watch TV episodes & movies via my Wii, PS3, or Xbox 360 right on my TV?
    Yes, you can watch via any or all of these devices, and you are on an Unlimited plan. All of them connect to the Internet and stream from Netflix. You can watch as often as you want, anytime you want. Sign up for Netflix today and follow the instructions after sign up to get started.

    Geeks aren’t going to check their mailbox for Netflix DVDs when they can watch a lot of Netflix content from their game system. I have it for Wii, a friend has it for their PS3.

  4. wondersquare says:

    netflix haha why pay?
    mountain dew…rotflmao, forget that stuff drink barqs.
    Scott Pilgrim vs. the World…sorry NO!

  5. Cody says:

    Who pays for movies anymore?

  6. Andy says:

    I figured “Scantily clad women sunbathing” would have taken up at LEAST 98% of that pie chart.

  7. jenesuispasbavard says:

    Ha, looks like I’m one of the 40%.

  8. virushopper says:

    I’m sure once Starcraft 2 comes out those activities above will be obliterated!

  9. Gronie says:

    I’d give the biggest chunk to “trying out the new HD video on the iPhone 4”

  10. bago says:

    You forgot: Waiting for my xbox to return after a RROD or E74 failure.

  11. Yarkin Fleebin says:

    Um… maybe compress your image as a PNG next time? The JPEG artifacts are making this geek really pissy.

  12. Jonathan says:

    I hope nobody is splashing water to somebody laptop.

  13. R4i says:

    Hahahaha, brilliant! Looks like I’m one of the 3%.

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