Posted Ads Found at the Community Clown College

For sale: Red shoes

Size 33 Men. Asking $30, but will consider trade for pie in the face.


Looking for a few good clowns to carpool with. My VW Bug seats 18 – the more the merrier!

Need a Juggling Tutor?

Finals are coming up! Those red balls giving you trouble? Still stuck on two bowling pins? Getting burned by fire? Call Dimples today!

Financial Aid

Community Clown College is currently offering scholarships to select students who show advanced aptitude in the field of balloon animals. Please mail your dogs, dinosaurs and giraffes to PO Box 13246 (makers of snakes need not apply).

Job Fair This Sunday

Graduating students – join us in the Student Union this Sunday from 9am to 1pm for the bi-annual job fair. Dozens of employers will be on hand, including Ringling Bros, Cirque du Soleil, the local rodeo and an 8-year-old birthday boy. Bring your resume and seltzer water.

Lost: Rubber Chicken

Has sentimental value. If found, please contact Noodles.

Bike Riding Club

Looking for a fun way to make friends and get some exercise? Then bring your tiny bicycle to the Complex this Wednesday at 7pm for a group bike ride!

Roommate Wanted

Hobo clowns, are you ready to hang up your bindle? I’ve got a room for rent. 2 beds/2 bath and a huge closet for props. Great location – right off the Bozo Memorial Freeway. Stop by and check it out – it’s the big red tent on the corner of Hippodrome Dr. and Scared Kid Blvd.


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2 Responses to Posted Ads Found at the Community Clown College

  1. matthew leeb says:

    hahahhahah, love this one, great concept 🙂

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