If Popular Websites Were Magazines (PICS)

We all know websites like Facebook, Digg and Twitter are kings when it comes to the Internet, but what would happen if these Web giants tried to make a splash in the world of print? In an effort to answer this question, here are a few mock-ups of popular websites as magazines:


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13 Responses to If Popular Websites Were Magazines (PICS)

  1. Really enjoyed this one, especially the Wikipedia that comes with a free red pen!!

  2. Holy mother of a chinese man. The Facebook magazine is HI-LARIOUS. You’re so funny. I’m sure people tell you that a lot, but whatev. It’s true.

  3. Because People Are Idiots says:

    My favorite is the “Your friend ate easy mac!” Hilarious.

  4. Corxy says:

    Genius! I think the worlds need to stay separated ’cause they just don’t mix. Newspapers making websites: FAIL! Websites making papers: POTENTIAL FAIL! You sure knew how to simulate it, though.

  5. xenophilicx says:

    The Twitter one was the best, hahahah!

  6. sgottahurt says:

    Wasn’t that Facebook dude on CBS’ Big Brother? Say, when does that show start back up again?

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