21 Realistic X-Rays and Skeletons of Fictional Characters (PICS)

When creating a cartoon like Pokemon, The Simpsons or Looney Toons, it’s probably safe to say that the artists don’t think much about the cranial structure of Bugs Bunny or the internal mechanisms behind Bulbasaur’s vine shooting when putting pen to paper. Luckily for us, there are plenty of artists out there with the talent and humor to put their knowledge of real-life anatomy to work in the world of fantasy. Below are 21 examples of real-life anatomy for some of your favorite fictional characters:

Given the fact that Homer Simpson once got his hand stuck in a soda vending machine because he refused to let go of the can of soda he’d grabbed hold of, this x-ray doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. (source)

Here’s a full-body shot of Homer with wife Marge. (source)

Artist Michael Paulus did an entire series of these amazing anatomically correct cartoon character skeletons. To see more of The Peanuts gang, Pikachu, The Flintstones and more, go here.

Have you ever wondered whether Pacman had a nice set of chompers hidden under that bright yellow skin of his? Well now you know the truth. I wonder if he ever wore braces. (source)

Oh no! It’s Godzilla! That’s definitely one giant femur there…but that brain could use a little building. (source)

Here’s the skeleton of another Japanese movie monster – Anguirus. Check out Gamera, Mothra and more here.

This technical x-ray of Bulbasaur helps make the science of Pokemon seem all too possible. (source)

If you’re a fan of MAD Magazine, I suggest you get yourself to a doctor. For some reason, I don’t think having a chicken leg for a femur and a Band-Aid on your heart is too healthy. (source)

The Star Wars AT-AT Walkers always looked like a lumbering beast. Here, a t-shirt artist shows us the dinosaur-esque inner working of this mobile transport machine. (source)

…And here’s the internal workings of the AT-AT from a more mechanical standpoint. (source)

Not to be outdone, here’s the sexy under skin of Futurama’s Planet Express spaceship. (note: Futurama returns with new episodes NEXT MONTH!!) (source)

South Korean artist Hyungkoo Lee created a whole slew of skeletal replicants based off classic cartoon characters. Bugs Bunny is featured above. Skeletons of the Road Runner, Wil E. Coyote, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and more can be found here.

Japanese cartoon character Doraemon is a mess of wires and circuits under that blue and white outer shell. (source)

Artist Jorge Lacera shows us that Care Bears are far from cute and cuddly on the inside. (source)

The above two print ads were created to promote the Brainobrain Jumeira Child Development Program. A Lego Man skeleton can also be viewed here.

Did you think those big blue triangles on the back of Sonic The Hedgehog’s head were thick tufts of hair? Based on this skeletal evidence, you were wrong. (source)

According to this x-ray, Kermit is left-handed. (source)


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81 Responses to 21 Realistic X-Rays and Skeletons of Fictional Characters (PICS)

  1. I like the Care Bear one, it’s gross but still looks cool. And whoever did that is very artistic.

  2. Dan Wade says:

    These are brilliant!! I especially like the Gummi Bears one.


  3. Starstorm says:

    Great stuff! Love the Kermit x-ray 🙂

  4. navefall says:

    Wow – I love this

    Good job……………………

  5. Raul says:

    LOL…this is great!! So much for enjoying Gummi Bears now…I am going to be imagining chomping on a mini Gummi skeleton. The Care Bear one is great, although a bit disturbing. I knew Pac Man had teeth…I just knew it!!!


  6. Jessica says:

    Ah, Kermit is my favorite – very clever!

  7. Consuelo says:

    I would have never imagined that Kermit was left-handed!!!! very cool…

  8. nomad says:

    funny. funny

  9. udosero says:

    Excellent collection. I have seen the Homer Simpson and Gummy Bear ones, but I have not seen the others before.

  10. I always thought AT-ATs looked like cats, but the skull on the xray looks like a turtle head. Which of course prompts the meme “I like turtles.”

  11. alexanderfogleman says:

    Great post. I love the Star Wars and Nintendo illustrations.

  12. sgottahurt says:

    I’ve rifled through the pockets of your pleated jeans, and I think I may love your site.

    But I also hate you. Why couldn’t I have thought of some of this stuff?!

  13. pukeking says:

    Some of these are pretty awesome. Thanks for putting this together.

  14. Very, very good stuff! love it…thanks for the post!

  15. dweebcentric says:

    kermit’s skeletal reveal was a great idea!

  16. pbandchutney says:

    Nice finds!! Loved the post!

  17. dollykrash says:

    Very entertaining, though I think the Star Wars one was perhaps overkill analyzation by a die-hard fan. ;P

  18. vixstar1314 says:

    Hahaha!! cool & interesting post. I like the doraemon, homer and the sonic one!! ^_^

  19. Johannes Ruckstuhl says:

    I saw an exhibition in Basel, Switzerland where an artist had made sculptures the Bugs Bunny above and some more fictional characters. Amazing!

  20. some of these are just creepy…

  21. bradenbost says:

    Very fun. I say Kermit wins.

  22. Tara Aarness says:

    This is absolutely hilarious! First time I’ve ever seen the full body shot of Homer and Marge, but, and this is rather hard to say considering my addiction to The Simpson’s, my favorite happens to be the Gummi Bear. Can’t help but identify which body part I just removed every time I eat the little buggers (sick, I realize). Great blog!

  23. windyscotty says:

    All these creative people remind us that there is no limit to the human imagination. This is what intellegent design is really all about.

  24. These are great! Love Kermit.

  25. Particularly like Kermit!

  26. zookyshirts says:

    Wow — now I’m seeing these famous characters in brand new ways. I never thought at all about how Godzilla and Charlie Brown look on the inside… and now I know. I think Homer Simpson is my favorite. Thanks for collecting all of these!

  27. shyexpert says:

    I have just one word to say, “wow”. I am actually amazed, alot of genuine creativity at work, great going, cheers!!!

  28. volkjosh says:

    Didn’t think I could get freaked out by Bugs Bunny, but when you see him in skeletal form, man o man. Very cool stuff here.

  29. sayitinasong says:

    lol!! Quite genious!! Especially Kermit!

  30. Love the care bear!

  31. Pie says:

    I have a Godzilla toy on my balcony and I’ll be looking at it differently from now on. Kermit is my favourite too. Of course the skeleton is a hand. How obvious, but how clever too.

  32. Texrat says:


    But I can never eat a Gummi Bear again.

  33. Chantelle says:

    This is really neat. I especially enjoyed the hand drawn skeleton series that included Betty Boop and Charlie Brown.

  34. bassline1 says:

    haha. funny stuff . I personally like Kermit.

  35. Mismagius says:

    I love the one about Sonic the Hedgehog. I always knew that those triangles were bones. THey would have to be in order for him to cut through metal!

  36. hiphousegirl says:

    This is a great post! Charlie Brown is my favorite.

  37. Joseph says:

    Fun stuff. Don’t stop.

  38. Tia* says:

    Totally Cool! and Funny!
    Loved the pictures, especially Sonic the Hedge Hog.

  39. ichibancito says:

    Great stuff. I love it 😉

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  41. Wow! Those are incredible! But the Care Bears one? I kinda wish I could unsee that. Haha.

  42. suneXia says:

    just great pics ! thanks,maybe I’ll post some on my site http://www.extaseo.com

  43. adrianraven says:

    Lucky that I´m not a Mad reder! 😉

  44. EverMe says:

    Cool cool, good idea – Loved the hand drawn sketches. Sonic is hardcore hehe

  45. Nerdy Things says:

    This is a great post! I might reblog and link to you in the future!! I love the Bulbasaur. Contrats on the freshly pressed!

  46. Execellent , I love it

  47. dckirba says:

    Excellent collection. I loved Bugs Bunny 🙂


  48. مسعود says:

    Brilliant, Thank You!

  49. Stuart says:

    Fantastic stuff!

  50. Now THIS is an awesome post 🙂
    Kermit’s my favourite. I don’t know whether this is weird or not, but I think Kermit looks really adorable there! I wish that they sold talking, walking Kermit pets that live and breathe just as a dog or other normal pet would- I’d buy one. 😀

  51. Alberto says:

    This is awesome in a very creepy way!! Pacman was freaky.

  52. Jia Jia says:

    Hi there, it is a very interesting post 🙂
    Take care!

  53. chocolatosa says:

    Oh Thanks for this! It was so funny and creative. The ballon dog killed me XD!

  54. sjraz says:

    I love the kermit the frog one! Hilarious!

  55. Kester Wiseman says:

    Excellent post. Sonic is my favourite.


  56. neuo8324 says:

    Anatomy of a mad reader.

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  58. laurabarbosa says:

    Very cool and interesting art post. I reblogged it on my HEART OF ART BLOG. Thanks :0))

  59. Lola says:

    this ruined many a happy childhood memory. i will never again be able to look at charlie brown without thinking of an oddly shaped little skeleton.

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  61. akivsboemi says:

    hahahahahaha…. i like it!!!!!
    nice share

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  67. steev says:

    About your comment on Homer And the soda can.
    The “Bushmen” of Africa use this principle to catch monkeys.After making sure the monkeys are watching, they make a small hole in a termite nest and make a great “show”of hiding a shiny object in the hole.The curious monkey will try to get it, but the hole is too small for him to get his clenched fist out, and during the hesitation caused by his unwillingness to let go of his prize the hunter has time to catch an unharmed monkey.
    The reason he does this is to feed the monkey some salt and wait a couple of hours till the monkey would kill his mother for a drink of water.
    A bell and a bright ribbon are tied to it, and upon release it makes a “beeline for the nearest water supply.The man simply follows it.(Normally,monkeys are VERY secretive about the whereabouts of their water sources)
    NEAT EH!!!
    I didn’t think Homer was as smart as a monkey.

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  69. oversky says:

    Kermit is cool =))

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