List of Oompa-Loompa Employee Discharges From Wonka Factory

Name: Glowbo

  • Reason for discharge: stole Fizzy Lifting Drink
  • Date of employment: 1974 to 1975
  • Current location: VP of Slugworth Industries

Name: Fluffet

  • Reason for discharge: pushed a fat kid into the chocolate river
  • Date of employment: 1976 to 1978
  • Current location: incarcerated at Rikers Island Maximum Security Prison

Name: Smudgie

  • Reason for discharge: couldn’t sing; messed up choreography of dance number
  • Date of employment: 1978 o 1978
  • Current location: “Senior Elf” at Santa’s Happy Village in Des Moines. Iowa

Name: Poofer

  • Reason for discharge: embezzled cocoa beans
  • Date of employment: 1977 to 1982
  • Current location: out on probation, serves as a consultant for Nestle

Name: Winx

  • Reason for discharge: When asked to work on Saturday, flipped off Mr. Wonka
  • Date of Employment: 1996 to 1998
  • Current Location: Professional skateboarder

Name: Uzzie

  • Reason for discharge: Improperly touching a guest during de-juicing process
  • Date of employment: 1971 to 1971
  • Current Location: Deceased

Name: Zumph

  • Reason for discharge: sex with goose
  • Date of employment: 1985 to 1988
  • Current location: returned to Loompaland, where animal husbandry laws are more lax

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