15 Awful Examples of Christian Propaganda

As with any religion, Christianity has its fair share of extremists and misguided followers. As evidence of this claim, here are 15 ridiculous (and funny) examples of bad Christian propaganda:

Throughout the 1970s, Archie and the gang were provided to Spire Christian Comics to deliver a series of overtly Christian morals. Learn more about Archie Christian Comics here. (source)

Here’s another non-Archie Spire Christian Comic. (source)

The author of this book uses rather dubious statistics to try and convince the reader that homosexuals are serial killers. (source)

Here’s a coloring book that teaches intolerance of other religions. (source)

I don’t really get the relationships between Hitler and pre-marriage sex, but if the poster says it, then it must be true! [EDIT: turns out this one’s not real)

Now I can’t listen to rock and roll? Man, going to heaven takes a lot of work.

This looks like an accurate depiction.

From the Author of, “If God Loves Me, Why Can’t I Get My Locker Open?”

Note that Jesus shreds without shoes. Hardcore!

I think this comic is in reference to the Harry Potter books, but I can’t be sure.

And if it’s not, well, then this one certainly is. (source)

Given the name of the author is Pastor Pete Peters, I didn’t think this book was real. But it is.

While your inappropriate use of apostrophes is convincing, I don’t think this poster is going to get many people into a church.

Uhhhh. (source)

Okay, so this one’s not real. It’s a parody ad. But it’s still pretty funny, I think. (source)


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292 Responses to 15 Awful Examples of Christian Propaganda

  1. dianeswords says:

    Interesting post. I might just say this..I work in international development and have worked in sub-saharan Africa for decades. And the poster about older men giving girls AIDS…well, there’s a common belief that having sex with a virgin (aka YOUNG GIRL) can rid men of HIV/AIDS. So, it’s a BIG problem and real issue. I’m not quite sure what that poster necessarily has to do with religion and intolerance but maybe you’re looking at it from the point of view of the push many churches have made for abstinence. There’s a lot to be said for it (ABC=abstinence, be faithful and use condoms). This isn’t about religion it’s about SURVIVAL. anyway, just a different point of view.

    • Mike says:

      Thank you. This had some funny points but a lot of these posters had real messages. I like Digg.com but whoever makes this site is disturbingly, disgustingly bias towards left wing thinking. And frankly…It’s ANNNOYING!


      • UncleArthur says:

        Boy, you catch on fast!

      • Lycurgus says:

        Uh, Mike… Digg.com is pure democracy (Purer democracy than any government out there). No one “makes” Digg.com. People submit stories, and they are voted on by the people who visit Digg.com.

        And anyway, what’s Left Wing about pointing out Idiotic Christians using propaganda? Do you consider this left wing simply because the American right wing is currently using idiotic christian propaganda in their politics?

      • Max Redalia says:


        Whereas your disturbing, disgusting bias toward right-wing emotional ranting is SO attractive.

        HINT HINT. Learn to use a spell checker or people may realize you’re a “moran.”

      • Uly says:

        Look, if you don’t want people mocking your pamphlets, get other members of your religion to prepare less hilariously wrong ones.

      • Graham says:

        Mike is trolling. Do not feed it.

      • Codey says:

        Christians are supposed to lead by example by following the words of Jesus and letting their light shine on the world. “The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light; but when [thine eye] is evil, thy body also [is] full of darkness.” – Luke 11:34 which mean when the understanding is darkened through the blindness and ignorance there is in men, with respect to Gospel truths, all the powers and faculties of the soul are in a very miserable and uncomfortable condition. they will try to do right and it will seem right to them but it will end up hurting Jesus’ cause and helping push people away from wanting to believe in Jesus Christ who wants to forgive everyone. Satan uses mans pride against himself. Everyone remember who they were as a child when they could actually be as children and not worry about their pride when crying was a sign of strength in being able to be who you are and not something you try to hide for fear of persecution?

    • JDog says:

      Uh Diance I live in sub-Saharan Africa and that poster is not from here and this poster is aimed at consensual sex with an older man.

      South African men with AIDS rape children.

      This is not even the same solar-system as this poster.

    • Bill says:

      The people in the AIDS poster are white dumbass, if it pertained to Africa they would be black.

  2. Pleated Jeans says:

    Good point. I never thought about it in that context.

  3. Bahahahahaha…Oh Em Gee! I know it’s really not funny because the creators of this crazy propoganda really think they are doing what’s right but wow, are you kidding? I’ve been a believer for 15 years and that stuff makes me want to run screaming in the opposite direction! Good post…excellent referrences of what NOT TO DO.

  4. Heather says:

    I’ll gladly be in the minority with Jesus, here. So many of these do seem ridiculous, and while a few Christians have been guilty of using unnecessary, and even deceitful tactics over the years–I believe the truth stands on its own. Not only that–what poppycock to suggest that sharing one’s faith is akin to intolerance. Every other religion asserts that Jesus is not the way–even the religion of atheism does that (rather loudly and obnoxiously at times, I’ll add); so they’re doing the same thing. Puhleez–it’s the status quo to single out Christians and make them look idiotic these days. Some of the greatest thinkers throughout history (and, now, in our time even) have been Bible believing Christians 🙂 .

    • ela says:

      an example, sorry, not an answer 🙂

    • Moss says:

      “what poppycock to suggest that sharing one’s faith is akin to intolerance” This was due to the coloring book. Wanting to change a Buddhist to Christian is not respecting their beliefs. In this case it is intolerance. That is what the word means – not tolerating or respecting beliefs, opinions, usages, manners, etc.,
      Most of the reformation thinkers were Christian, such as Newton. Science would not be as advanced without them. Many modern scientists are Christian. Many are not. Some of the greatest were Muslim including two Nobel prize winners, others Jewish. So great thinking is not limited to Christians or for that matter non-Christians.
      Sharing your beliefs is a wonderful and joyous thing. If you can bring comfort and understanding to others, it is a good thing. I am sure that you, yourself, would be interested to hear about religion and willing to spend the time to understand it. Let me not be childish and ask you to read about the many varied world religions, let me try to share the joy of Christianity with you.
      Historically, St. Peter was a real person (more than one contemporary reference about him, so even historians have to agree he was real). He was the head of the church in Antioch. I am sure that you understand his two Epistles are vital to the bible. He was head of the church, the first disciple to Jesus who he knew and had received the Holy Spirit from. In my church we are taught to read the bible and try to find the way to the Lord. Your bible does contain St. Peter’s Gospel, Acts, Revelations and Judgement doesn’t it? You are not narrow minded enough to say that only some of the first disciple’s writing are good enough are you? That what this man wrote is Gospel, except for those bits that you want to avoid. You do have John 5:4 in your bible don’t you. I would hate to think that you were intolerant of bits of the bible. I am sure a local Pastor could explain why you should not read all the bible, just some parts.

      • janettediaz says:

        So if you are a Christian you should believe Buddists aren’t going to Heaven, Jesus said “I am the truth and the light, no one comes to the Father but by me”, then don’t you want to convert Buddhists? Just curious, do you respect them enough to tell them they are wrong? To try and save their souls? How is that intolerance, aren’t you supposed to spread the word of God, if they reject it then fine, be nice to them and continue to love them. That is tolerance.

    • bob says:

      Get ready for the tolerant faith of atheism to show you the full brunt of its tolerance for your peaceful words.

      • Steve says:

        Atheism is not a faith. In fact it’s the total opposite. Atheism is the default position. It is not “disbelieving in god” but “believing there is no god”. There’s a subtle difference. If you can show us proof of your, or any, god then we’ll be ready to listen, but as no such proof exists we’re quite at liberty to mock any religious followers for their illogical and irrational beliefs – and that’s exactly what belief without evidence is.

      • PD says:

        Thank you, Steve. Well said. Now I don’t have to explain that (for the billionth time).

      • loadaballs says:

        But isnt the belief that there is no god still a belief and a belief in something is technically a faith. If your even going to bother getting involved enough to call yourself an atheist it must mean your passionate about your point of view on the topic so couldnt it be called a faith.
        Personally I dont give enough of a shit to say im atheist, its all a load of balls to me.

    • Tamara says:

      Just to clear something up, atheism is not a religion. I’m atheist, not AN atheist. I don’t gather in a group to worship a deity. I also never say that you are not allowed to worship yours. I don’t push my lack of faith onto people who have faith, that’s not something an atheist person would be into. If you feel animosity toward atheism, try to think of it in a more tolerant (or if you want to say Christian) way. Ask yourself if you believe in Zeus or Ramses or Thor? Probably not, right? Well, neither do I. Atheist has become a word that seems to really irritate people. So consider us to be Athorists (not believing in Thor) instead. We don’t have any personal grudges against your chosen god or faith, we simply do not worship deities. This is of no harm or insult to you.

      • Al Sampson says:


        Well said!

      • janettediaz says:

        If only more atheists were like you. Not that there were more atheists, but that they had your peaceful attitude.

      • Tamara says:

        Thank you very much, Al Sampson. 🙂

      • Tamara says:

        Thank you, Janette. I really appreciate that. There are nice people and not so nice people who have all different sorts of philosophies.

      • Rob says:

        Not very christian of these biblical literalist to be to so JUDGMENTAL! to people with an atheistic philosophy… Wait, isn’t there something in the Bilble about judging others? hmm…

      • Pixelmovement says:

        I think, if you were to ask any Egyptologist, they would tell you that Ramses was real.

      • Tamara says:

        Sure, Pixelmovement. Historians would say that some of the people in the bible were real people too. That doesn’t mean that Ramses or Jesus Christ turned from humans into space Gods that I now have to worship. Maybe when they died, they just died. Who knows? Not you. Not me. Not the many many contributors to the most recent version of the Christian bible. Not Egyptologists either.

        Now, it’s ok if you didn’t completely grasp my point. I’ll just restate it. Atheists don’t worship any deities. As an atheist person, I think all suggested deities are equally silly. I don’t discriminate against groups of people or their chosen invisible friends. I hope this helps. 🙂

      • Pixelmovement says:

        I’m assuming when you say Ramses it’s Ramesses II. Ramses was the third pharaoh of the Nineteenth dynasty ruling from 1279 BC to 1213 BC. It’s not really faith to believe in him. He did exist, as far as Egyptian text is concerned. That being said, pharaohs were regarded as the connection between Osiris and humans, and in death the pharaohs unite with Osiris , which is where I imagine the confusion lies.

      • Tamara says:

        I’m not confused. Though I do appreciate the more thorough history lesson. I was simply explaining that atheist people aren’t just anti-Christian. Believing that pharaohs somehow go on to another world, or plane of existence, or to “join with Osiris,” is theism. I apologize if my example was too vague. It made sense as I saw it, and it still does.

        I don’t have to give a detailed description of who Hansel and Gretel are, or what they did in their story, to explain why I don’t celebrate the fairy tale as my chosen faith.

        I like this whole historical trolling thing you’ve got going though. It’s a nice way to beat summer boredom. Let’s have some more. 🙂

      • Tamara says:

        I want to clarify one more thing. I was not basing my statements on the histories of living, breathing idols. I was basing them on the beliefs of what happened to those idols AFTER death. You telling me about how they were real, existing people at some point is completely irrelevant and unnecessary.

      • Guy says:

        Actually, I do have a pretty big problem with religion–especially Christianity and Islam. They are both dangerous, dangerous cults that need to be quelled and removed from society. They squelch scientific progress and lead people to irresponsible beliefs like “it is virtuous not to use birth control” or “such and such person is infidelitous and invalid.” These are BAD things and I’m tired of having to be shy about saying so.

      • Tamara says:

        That’s a great way of putting it, Guy. I am in total agreement with you. I only meant to say that atheist people are opposed to all religions, not just one.

    • Lupin says:

      You maybe have already heard that. But atheism is as much a religion as “bald” is a haircolor. Repeating something wrong (often deliberately, I’ll add), doesn’t make it right.

      Second argument (again a fallacy): great thinkers being christians does not mean anything. First there have been many more that weren’t (you know that the earth is not only central Europe and America, right?). Think about ancient greece and rome, they had great thinkers, none of them were christians. Ancient Arabs founded the basis for many modern sciences, like chemistry (“al-chemy”, a word of arabic origin) and math (the numbers you use are based on arabic). Even such common things like “al-cohol” are arabic. And don’t get me started about asian great thinkers. NONE of them were christian. So in your own interest, stop using this argument. It just shows (deliberately or out of ignorance) a very narrowminded worldview. Btw. most great thinkers in the “christian” era had to be christians or else they would have been imprisoned or worse killed.

      Last thing: it’s not only christians that are “singled out”. It’s every religion that has to stand up to scrutiny. It’s just that in our culture the largest religion is christianity. And they aren’t “made” to look idiotic. It’s religions themselves that trip over there own inconsistencies and hypocrisy (latter mostly of their followers).

      Don’t you like the things that science gives you? Medicine, communication, transportation? They work, right? So why cling to bronze age myths that have no evidence except for one book written and changed by many over the years?

      • DrewState10 says:

        Ok so this entire argument that is going in between “Christians” and basically “Everyone Else” is ludicrous. I hope you all realize that almost none of you are being “tolerant” of the other religion. Lupin you are correct to say that certain great thinkers being Christians should not mean anything, but then you turn around to say that most others were not, that is a back handed dumb argument. You are turning someone’s valid point in to a negative statement when they did not necessarily mean it that way. There were plenty of Christian scientists and philosophers that CHOSE to be Christians, not forced. So don’t use that argument. Heather never discounted what the Muslims or Asian thinkers have done for us, but you decided to create that attack out of nowhere. I absolutely agree with you that the major problem of religion is the followers who create these problems, but in general because Christianity is the largest religion in our culture it does receive the most scrutiny which is just as unfair as hate given towards any other religion. Live and let die. I am not a Christian or and Atheist I believe what I choose to believe, but everyone here seems to be making it in to a contest of who is right. Why does someone have to be right? Why not respect what everyone thinks in their own right. NO ONE KNOWS WHAT TRULY HAPPENS AFTER WE DIE!!!! So in reality there is no way for us to know whether we go to Hades, Heaven, Hell, find 72 virgins…..whatever. WE ARE ALL HUMAN…….

    • Eric says:

      Nobody is suggesting that sharing one’s religious beliefs is akin to intolerance, (I assume you’re talking about the “India” example) but suggesting that one religion is more right than another (in this example saying Buddhism is wrong, Christianity is right) and that the “incorrect” religion must be abandoned for the “correct” religion is pretty much the definition of religious intolerance.

      I do also have to take issue with your suggestion that Atheism is a religion, it is not. Atheism means without-theism, or without religion. Atheists are far from a unified group and don’t follow any sort of doctrine or common belief system other than that they don’t believe in any sort of supernatural forces or deities.

      I don’t think people are singling out Christians these days, there just happen to be many more Christians in the United States and Europe then any other religion, and with numbers you’re bound to get quite a mix of followers, both intelligent and not so much. When you mix stupid people and religious dogma you get these 15 shining examples of progress.

      • adam says:

        Sometimes, I like to think that Religion is the search for meaning. It shouldn’t just be applied to those who believe in a God or deity or just to people who do not. It is a mechanism that allows us to achieve understanding of the world around us. Religion shouldn’t be a negative term in this sense, and thus we may be free from hasty generalizations or any other fallacy that clutters our thoughts. It’s fine and dandy to absolutely claim through one’s own reason, whether through God or whatever, that it must be fact. We begin to see patterns that justify our thoughts. It’s easy to find evidence that agrees with any given world view. It happens all the time. If we persistently believe that there is or is not a God, an insatiable wealth of knowledge is delivered to us in the form of history, memories, etc… Too many to truly comprehend actually. Since there are so many, we can stubbornly fall back on the possibility of there existing that which may justify our true reality to others. It would appear that the evidence exists within us, but regrettably for us we cannot extract a physical manifestation of that object and share it with others. Our absolute evidence for or against God can never be satisfied. So once we accept Religion as the mechanism for meaning, and have rendered arguments pertaining to if there or is not a God pointless. Can we move on to more pressing matters…..like the sudden decline in parachute pants these days?

      • janettediaz says:

        Wow you are so wrong about the word atheism! It’s sort of funny! a-without sure you know that but thesim- means God

        [French athéisme, from athée, atheist, from Greek atheos, godless : a-, without; see a-1 + theos, god; see dhēs- in Indo-European roots.]

    • ricehq says:

      Name one great thinker that was a Bible believing Christian. You’re making that up!

    • Stephen says:

      “Some of the greatest thinkers throughout history (and, now, in our time even) have been Bible believing Christian.”

      Can you give me some names of these people and their accomplishments?

    • Scott says:

      If Atheism is a religion, then is bald a hair color? The absence of blind faith in a non-provable entity is not a religion.

    • Wunobi says:

      I was expelled from a Catholic high school for driving my drunk friends home from a party. I have a 3.5, suffer from depression issues, and have 2 hours of detention over my 2 years of being there. Well at least they followed their own “forgiving” motives right?

      • lyricmezzosoprano says:

        Surely even they must have realised how ridiculous that is. They expelled you for keeping people safe? Yeah, I understand that they probably said that you were “encouraging those acts” or some bull like that, but… If you can’t stop them, at least make sure no one gets hurt… It’s infuriating how people can’t see that way. Good on you for helping out your mates.

      • LisaLee says:

        I went to a Catholic high school where the teachers would expel you if they saw you off campus merely talking to someone who was smoking. Seriously. Sure, they’re total hypocrites, but other religions have their share of hypocrites, too. Just because they don’t practice what they preach doesn’t necessarily mean what they’re preaching is wrong. It’s just that when you talk the talk… you better walk the walk.

        And, yeah, I commend you for helping your friends out. That was the right thing to do.

    • UncleArthur says:

      Silly goose, aetheism is not a religion. BTW, nobody needs to single out particular Christians to make them look idiotic. Sarah Palin, for instance. She takes care of that all by herself.

    • Dsting says:

      I honestly believe that there are not many intellectual bible believing Christians. And I think that Christianity died hundreds of years ago among great thinkers, I mean who was the last great Christian thinker, kierkegaard?

      I live in dog shit texas, where everyone is an evangelical Christian, and I can tell you, that absolutely all of them stupid. And the way they act, the things they say and believe, it is like living with retards. Christians deserve the image, I know it must suck to be lumped in with them.

      Sorry, I just had to vent. The things are real and a lot of people really do believe in this stuff. Just pushing our country further towards the third world.
      Peace, Dsting

      • jcka says:

        Are you serious? No intellectual christians? What do you define as intellectual? Because I know a whole bunch of people who have phds in science and are christian.
        But I cry and laugh to see this kind of stuff too..

    • Jessica says:

      I’m sorry, but you say Atheists and other religions assert against Jesus “rather loudly and obnoxiously at times” and they do this to make Christians look “idiotic.” I live in New Orleans and the only people I see around being loud and obnoxious are the Christians who stand on Bourbon Street and large signs calling homosexuals sinners. I was once called a lesbian whore by one of you’re bible believing Christians and this was when I was 18 and still a virgin. Do you want to know why I was called such a horrible thing? The man who called me that saw me holding my friend’s hand, and she was a girl. Don’t make it seem that other religions and even non-believers are out there to make Christians look like horrible people because they do just fine on their own.

      Not all Christians are like the man, I know this. I’m friends with plenty of believers and non-believers. The thing is, God gave us this choice to choose if we believe in him or not. People shouldn’t try to force other to choose either side. Also, there are plenty of amazing thinkers who weren’t Christian.

      • Natalie says:

        I think you will find that there is a BIG difference between bible -believing Christians and the kind of people who stand on street corners. Unfortunately they have chosen to use the term Christians or say that they are doing it for Jesus, when that is not at all what, in my eyes, Jesus did or what he would want us to do.
        I share my faith with my friends or people who start conversations with me themselves, but I would never force my beliefs on other people.
        It is unfortunate also, bc these vocal and overbearing types of “Christians” are obvious to see being “idiotic”. There may be more around living like Christ and loving people, but we just don’t know that they are not as vocal and in your face.
        There is also a big difference between being tolerant and agreeing with peoples decisions. I can disagree with a persons way of life or decisions and still love them. I think that is what God calls us to.
        But I can understand your perspective, based on your experience as a teen. I’d like to apologize for that man. I do that too and would feel very judged if I was called a whore bc of it !
        Hopefully you will meet or encounter other Christians in the future that can change your perspective though 🙂

    • Alex says:

      “even the religion of atheism does that”
      So sick of this one; it’s not a religion. Theism is the following of any religion, e.g. any belief in the afterlife, any God, any spiritualistic stuff that is not based in logic, reason or fact. Atheism is the dismissal of all these things. It is not a case of Christianity versus atheism, it is a case of atheism versus all religion.

      • Tamara says:

        Well said, Alex. As an atheist, I like scientific method. I like the process of elimination we go through in science, of disproving false theories. There is so much evidence against Christianity being the “answer to the universe,” that it really is hilarious at this point.

        Just watch “Religulous” if you don’t believe you’ve picked the wrong fairy tale to support, Christians. I say this with love and sincerity. Don’t settle for some shaky guess work written by people who lived without electricity and thought that the earth was flat. As Agent Fox Mulder would say, “The truth is out there.”

        Do you really want to give up the quest for knowledge based on a popular hunch? To me, that’s just plain cowardly.

    • Anonymous says:

      Atheism isnt a religion, it is a lack-there-of and it’s not atheists that say you are wrong, it’s just people that are being as rude as you are. Maybe they are trying to convert you, why is that so offensive if you are trying to convert them? I accept Jesus, but atleast I have respect and kindness for those that don’t. Wouldn’t Jesus want that?

  5. Mark says:

    Wait, a second, some of these are actually made to mock Christian propaganda. I recognize the “Spiritual Safety Tip” from a website that mocks overzealous Christians.

    If you’re going to point out examples of Christian hypocrisy, try and do so with at least some sort of an eye for accuracy. When you get it wrong, you step on the toes of the point you’re trying to make.

  6. Jack says:

    Atheism isn’t a religion.
    Religion isn’t a necessity for everybody.

    The Bible is interpreted by people,
    people are characterized in the Bible as being weak and duplicitous.
    Lucky the Bible was watched over (and definitely not edited) for 1500 years by those nice guys at the Catholic Church!

    You can be a good person without believing in a two thousand year old Carpenter,
    but still believing the good things he stood for.

  7. Brian says:

    @Heather – FYI, you sound a bit intolerant when you say “every other religion asserts that Jesus is not the way” and continue on to call atheists loud and obnoxious. Bless you in your beliefs, and by all means point out that these images don’t represent the vast majority of Christians. Perhaps, though, you might reflect on why you feel the need to turn things around and speak to “every other religion”. There are many tolerant and thoughtful non-Christians, too.

  8. David Lewis says:

    The “DO YOU KNOW WHAT AN OLDER MAN CAN GIVE YOU?” poster, although poor in quality, doesn’t qualify as christian propaganda. It’s an AIDS initiative which attempts to deal with the widespread social problem of schoolchildren sleeping with older men in Africa.

  9. C.K says:

    Christ, i’ll never look at Archie the same way again!

    • derekmunson says:

      i remember getting those archie comics at the grocery store in the 70’s. i never knew they were christian until i got into the car and started to read. even though we went to church, i always felt like i got duped. they weren’t even funny.

  10. Nev says:

    Nice post! You should see to what lengths people go, in other countries spreading their propoganda. Demeaning/Falsifying/spreading wrong notions about other religions and doing whatever to spread their propoganda even it is goes against one’s religion. And not to mention bribing in exchange for religious conversions
    No wonder people are losing respect!

  11. Chris says:

    I love how the 40 year old “teen” at the centre of attention on the Awesome Takes Practice book is clearly telling a story that involves holding a shotgun or rifle and is using body language to mimic the act.

  12. randulf says:

    @dianeswords: It’s not written for sub-sahara is it? Let’s just take things a bit out of context here and they might be sane and good!
    There’s people like Gilles de Rais out there still! I vote the last poster up! He was an atheist and killed kids… It’s survival!

  13. Johnathan Derrick says:

    Are you kidding me? Having sex before marriage is like doing Hitler? Several questions as well: Why is being an environmentalist, an effeminate man, or a liberal against god? Also what is a government recipient and by all accounts don’t we all fall under that category? These things make me so angry and sad because people actually believe it wholeheartedly and without question. I know this stuff is supposed to be old and we can laugh at it but alot of the ideas continue on and on and are aweful.

  14. James says:

    There’s a distinct difference between telling someone about your beliefs when they ask you, and screaming threats of eternal suffering for finite transgressions from a 400 year old compilation of ancient myths and legends whose rules include avoiding the horrors of lobster and having to suffer for wearing clothes made from multiple types of fabric.

    Screaming, threatning and holding offensive rallies while screaming that anyone saying ‘keep it to yourself’ is oppressing you is not simply “telling” someone about your faith.

    Speaking of your faith: Judges 1:19. Omnipotent beings aren’t stopped by such things as early iron, and omniscient ones would’ve done the smiting before their riders got on to avoid exactly such a show of weakness. For that matter, they wouldn’t get angry at something they’d planned out like innocent beings that lack an understanding of ethics and morality (by design, no less) eating a bit of knowledge. Mr.”All Powerful” gets blindsided and powerless a little too often to be worth worship if you ask me.

    • Tamara says:

      Great post, James. Also, why is this one silly God more believable than the multiple God idea? Why is it more believable than saying we live on top of a giant stack of tortoises? Mass delusion.

  15. rick says:

    This says more about Americans than it does Christianity

    • Gawdl3y says:

      Agreed 100%. America is a prudish, immature, closed-minded nation as a whole. Not everybody in America fall under that generalization, but the vast majority do.

      Unfortunately, I’m of American birth and still live here. Can’t wait to move to Europe (preferably Germany) sometime in my life.

      Oh, and I’m a Christian.

      • shade says:

        seriously? “America is a prudish, immature, closed-minded nation as a whole.” are you kidding me!?granted we have plenty of stupid people, especially those in power, but mister “hopefully moving to Germany”, remember a little something called world war 2? where the leader of Germany, Adolf Hitler, got together with the Italians and the Japanese and killed millions of innocent people? the holocaust sound familiar? just because the German government is doing all it can to pretend it never happened doesn’t make it true, before you try and act high and mighty about how awful America is, maybe you should take a look across the ocean at some of Europes transgressions.

      • PD says:

        Godwin’s Law, Godwin’s Law!

        Rick, seriously, though, I believe you mean “citizens of the USA,” not “Americans.” “America” stretches from the northern border of Canada to the southern tip of Argentina. All residents of the two continents between those borders can be called “Americans.” Using the term “American” for citizens of the USA and no one else is ridiculous, even if it is an all-too-common practice today.

      • Satan says:

        I think all countries have pasts they’re embarrassed about. Including America.

      • linus bern says:


        “the leader of Germany, Adolf Hitler, got together with the Italians and the Japanese and killed millions of innocent people? the holocaust sound familiar? just because the German government is doing all it can to pretend it never happened doesn’t make it true, ”

        How exactly does modern Germany pretend the holocaust and second world war never happened? There is a law in Germany making it illegal to deny the holocaust. It doesn’t seem like a country that is sweeping its past under the rug. Remember shade, just because you make up your own facts, it doesn’t make them true.

  16. Ferg says:

    Yea these posters are definitely not in the majority of opinion for most Christians and do make religious nuts look bad, but all the same why does religion promote the idea of not thinking. Why do people have to be pushed into an opinion. I believe that a fair percentage of people in this world are happier when people tell them what to think. And their even happier when what their being told to think somehow aligns with their emotional state.
    Without getting into an argument about whether God exists or not, religion has being pushing bullshit more than any other institution in the world. These posters are a stark reminder of the feeble minds that religion likes to prey on and abuse. While the intent may be pure the underlying message is not and which is worse the perpetrators of the message may not be even acutely aware of this.
    People need to learn critical thinking so that they can make sound judgments in life for themselves and become healthy thoughtful adults rather that insecure and superstitious grown children. Trust me, the people that run this world are only God fearing on the outside, so people wake up. As the old quote says “Religions is deemed to be true by the uneducated masses, false by the educated and useful by the powerful.”

  17. nester carbonel says:

    The going steady with Hitler thing isn’t real. It’s from The Modern Humorist.



  18. ken says:

    I don’t know about you heather, but I’ve never had atheists thrusting leaflets into my hands, or standing in the street shouting how I should give in to Jesus’ love (remember if you don’t you will burn in hell), in fact, now that I think about it I haven’t heard buddists, sikhs, hindus, samaritans or let’s face it any religion besides Christians (well once I saw some Muslims, but I think the Christian side more than dwarfs that.)

    • JessesGirl says:

      Precisely. Most other religions do not practice intolerance. They do not tell their people that “Jesus is not the way”, they do not preach AGAINST other religions, only FOR their own. This is because a lot of other religions are based on spirituality, nature, and love of the Earth and ALL of its inhabitants, and their religion is not threatened by other religions, because it is not an INDUSTRY requiring money and worship from its believers so that its teachers can drive nice cars. Buddhists do not yell at strangers in the street or hold signs saying that homosexuals go to hell. We have only modern Christianity to thank for that kind of intolerance, hate, and bigotry.

      • Tamara says:

        Excellent post, JessesGirl! Christianity is the biggest, baddest cult there is. How is it possible to deprogram the brainwashed masses?

  19. Condom says:

    The earth isnt the center of the universe anymore, nor is it flat. There were gods before jehova there will be gods after. All of them thought they were right and everyone else wrong. blah blah blah.

  20. Christer Enfors says:

    I’m pretty sure the one about witchcraft is part of a Jack Chick tract about witchcraft / Wicca that I remember seeing a few years back. You can look it up if you want to.

  21. Earl says:

    Check out Jack Chick comics. Some crazy old people used to leave them around where I worked. Hours of fun reading those wacky comics.

  22. Garnett says:

    Religion has no answers.its confrontational.that cant free anyone..thats bondage.love leads the way to enlightenment.

  23. MikeR says:

    For a while I was collecting this sort of stuff from people in the streets of Chicago in the hopes of scanning them all and starting a Web site to feature them. I am energized again to start the project.

  24. jad123 says:

    “the religion of atheism ”

    Atheism is a lack of belief in a deity. My lack of belief in the Tooth Fairy is no more a religion than my lack of belief in Jehovah, Yahweh or Jesus.

    I don’t think that you understand what a religion is and I don’t think you understand what atheism is.

  25. Jordan says:

    Haha, this is hilarious. I liked the one about the atheist goat the best.

    “Then why is he so sad?”

    Generalizations, for the win!

    I don’t understand why most religious people don’t see the logical faults in these kinds of things. Is it because they don’t see it? Or maybe they see it and look the other way? I mean just a cursory glance at the world easily disproves most, if not all of these claims.

    I guess what concerns me most is that how deceitful and terrible this kind of stuff is. This is literally brainwashing, and it completely goes against the word of Jesus. I know this kind of stuff would never be tolerated in my church. If they were truly Christian they would never tolerate this silliness. But I guess this goes to show you that the people that thump their chest about their Christianity really aren’t good Christians at all. It makes me sad that religion is used like this to warp minds in order to achieve a political goal.

  26. Daniel says:

    So your saying you disagree with all these?? So you want old guys to have sex with school children??

  27. John says:

    if I remember correctly, the going steady with hitler is a satirical poster… not a real one.

  28. Jim Gillen says:

    I’ve been a christian for over thirty years now but, I know that “Christians” can (and have been) Christs worst enemy. I believe that most anti-Christians became that way because of all the stupid unchristian things that have been said & done in the name of the Lord. History bears this out.

  29. Sean says:

    Poor representations of legitimate Christianity. I know so many Christians that shudder at some of these.

    On the other hand, I’m going to look into “Anybody can be cool, but awesome takes practice.” That sounds incredible!

    ..i always thought that was a fake internet book until now.

  30. Bill says:

    You might think these are bad, but wait till you see some Muslim propaganda

  31. HelpMePlox says:

    I really, really want to know the name of the book that example number 3 was from, with the homosexual statistics and such. Does anybody know where I can find it? I’ve been searching the interwebz.

  32. Danny Singh says:

    In the US, Christianity is the dominant religion, so if only .1% of Christians do something wrong, a critic of Christianity will have no trouble finding examples. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel. Go to an Atheist country, or Muslim country or Hindu country or Buddhist country and you’ll get the same result.

    A religion needs to be criticized on its own terms. WRT Christianity (as opposed to Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox) it’s a good deal harder since Protestant Christians have stopped standing for any terms for the last half century. Two denominations who disagree about core essentials of the faith and key issues still call each other Christians simply because they believe in the bible (even though they force the opposite interpretations on specific passages). Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox have official teachings so they’re easier to criticize. Muslims fall into this camp too. Sure they are many “Cafeteria Catholics” and “Cafeteria Orthodox” and “Cafeteria Muslims” but most don’t know the faith due to poor catechisms. If they did, they’d either conform or defect. Buddhists, Hindus, and Atheists, like modern Protestants, are harder to criticize since they aren’t anywhere near as unified.

    BTW, how on earth is the coloring book intolerant? It’s stating a fundamental principle of Christianity. Hindus or Buddhists or Muslims or Atheists would say exactly the same thing about Christians (although in the case of Hindus or Buddhists, they would believe that if they were good Christians in this life, they’d “graduate” and become Hindus or Buddhists in the next). These are issues of the ultimate nature of reality. Reality doesn’t bend to our wishes, no matter how much we may want it. Tolerance does *not* mean “everyone believes the same thing” or “no-one believes in anything important, so don’t worry, be happy” or “any view that isn’t secular must be shouted down”. Tolerance means that you *tolerate* views *different* than your own because you know that those view *are important*. And if they are important, they need to be discussed.

    • A. Lataan says:

      “A religion needs to be criticized on its own terms.”

      Ah, but there’s the rub. Almost every single Christian doesn’t believe in the God as described in the Bible. Instead, they believe in their own version. This is why you get so many different Christians with diametrically opposed views each believing that God blessed their opinions…… it’s logically impossible.

      Then the Bible…. we can find MANY passages where God acts like a cruel and sadistic tyrant with no regard for human values whatsoever. But Christians generally ignore them. Why?

      Face it, Christianity has been watered down a LOT. And rightly so. Now to just disappear altogether.

      • Tamara says:

        I can’t wait for it to be gone completely. Then maybe we can really set out to explore the universe.

  33. Allyson says:

    Heather – article isn’t claiming that “sharing one’s faith” is akin to intolerance, it’s saying that claiming Your Way is the Only Way is intolerance. Which it is. Additionally, atheism != religion. You yourself are an atheist concerning all of the other gods that are not Yahweh.

  34. Papa says:

    Heather… the supposed “truth” falls flat on its face. Preaching is not sharing one’s faith, it is akin to marketing and advertising (and some people consider it a violation of privacy).

    Why is Jesus the way? Few other religions assert that “Jesus” had anything other than good ideas; ideas that VERY few people, even his alleged followers, adhere to. Atheism is merely a denial of ANY ASSERTION of a deity existence. Its a neutral, negative position, that all people are born with (aka. its the default setting of human belief).

    The great thinkers of today, I’m sorry to have to be the one to tell you, are not bible believing Christians. Contemporary philosophy, Dennett (atheist). Physics, Hawking (atheist). Astronomy/Astrophysics, Neil De Grasse Tyson (atheist). Evolutionary Biology, Dawkins (atheist)… the list goes on. Almost all of the National Academy of Science have identified themselves as atheists.

    The only reason so many innovative/great minds were Christian is because of Christianity’s intolerance of dissenting belief systems within dominated cultures (America/Europe).

  35. mike says:

    i have to laugh when i see people talking about the “religion of atheism.” is that kind of like the hobby of non stamp collecting? or the sport of sitting on the couch? or the diet of eating everything in sight? haha

  36. Ryan says:

    In response to Heather:

    I wouldn’t say that Christianity breeds intolerance, nor do any other religions. The article is merely highlighting that it can get out of control in the hands of the wrong people. The commandments and the message of Christianity like Zoroastrianism before it and Islam after have good fundamentals and were important in bringing together countries and empires. But the argument I think you’ll find with atheists (who perhaps try far too often more rude ways then most) is that it that now it’s not about tricking illiterate peasants into not fighting, but loving each other. Rather who is “right”.
    In reality, it doesn’t matter. The same evidence to prove god exists can be used to prove that god doesn’t. Christianity is only relevant because it has a majority of people who follow it in the United States. The intolerance I mentioned before can be heightened when you use religion as a mask for it. It’s intolerant to assume that your religion is the only religion, just the same to assume that gay is evil or that brown is less than white.
    It’s only silly now Heather because people are realizing that they no longer need religion in their lives to guide them or answer questions. It’s also silly to believe that our “greatest thinkers”, who more then likely have some background in history wouldn’t be able to determine that our modern day religions are just old ones with a new spin and face. It’s also silly to believe in something just because you’re afraid that the consequences of your actions will result in little red devils with pitch forks meant to lift hay, stabbing you for the rest of time with little high pitched laughs.

  37. The last image of the goat (named Mr. Gruff) is a parody image from http://www.landoverbaptist.org, which is itself a parody site.

    As for the sign with all of the unnecessary apostrophes (a serious pet peeve of mine), how do these jokers NOT think that “Asshole’s Who Think They Are Better Than Everyone Else” doesn’t belong on that sign? Religious nuts with signs like this listing sinners very rarely include anything that could be attributed to the holder of such a sign.

    Great collection of images!

  38. Fernando says:

    “I’ll gladly be in the minority with Jesus”

    ah yes.. the christian minority… you guys have it so hard.

  39. Giizas Craist says:

    Is there such thing as Christian Porn?

    • shade says:

      of course there is, they’re called Disney cartoons, the perfect ideal of a family faces hardships but through tolerance and staying the course they all live happily ever after. if that’s not christian spiritual porn right there nothing is.

  40. Bob says:

    dianeswords is absolutely correct. As someone else who has volunteered in Sub-Saharan Africa, the problem of lecherous older men offering false promises of an escape from poverty to young girls, who often mature physically much faster than mentally, is a serious matter. It deserves more thought than your snarky “Uhhhh.”, and shouldn’t be in this list at all.

  41. UMNO says:

    Not believing is not religion, tardsauce

  42. Sindinero says:

    Great post (really funny). Would you mind if I translated it to spanish and published it in my blog? Of course, mentioning the original authour, etc etc. It´s a blog well known in Spain. Thanks.

    • JesterOnly says:

      Yes, the last one is real. They actually have a link on their website to try and shut down Landover Baptists ( http://objectiveministries.org/shutdown/ )

      This is actually the second (maybe third?) iteration of Objective Ministries’ site. The previous one got shut down by the host. They have plenty more propaganda photos intended for kids and other ridiculous caricatures – like Habu the Hindu elephant that lost count of his Gods ( http://objectiveministries.org/kidz/ ). Terrible.

  43. Joseff Amador says:

    The problem with these propaganda examples is that none of them have anything to do with the actual Christian message: the gospel, or good news, of Jesus Christ and what He has freely done for sinners like you and me. Many of these are legalistic and tactless. These people profess to be Christians, but often they are merely men who found a religion and somehow feel superior to others and thus embrace legalism, considering themselves better than others.

    I am deeply saddened by the author’s comments: “Now I can’t listen to rock and roll? Man, going to heaven takes a lot of work.” This breaks my heart and serves as evidence of what I am saying. Out of all of that propaganda, the true message of Christianity was not clearly and accurately proclaimed.

    The message is this: you can’t work your way to heaven. Refraining from various activities deemed as immoral, or refraining from rock and roll will not get you to heaven. The Christian message is not that if you refrain from doing what you like to do, God will be pleased with you and then let you into heaven. Rather, what the Bible teaches is that no human is righteous enough to live up to God’s moral standard. The proof of this is that as humans we aren’t even righteous enough to live up to our own moral standards. Every person would tell you that lying and cheating is wrong, but yet we all lie and cheat. We don’t even live up to our own moral standards, much less God’s, who is infinitely Holy.

    Thus, we are all sinners, criminals, who break God’s moral standard (revealed in the 10 commandments), and as a just judge, God must punish us. If He didn’t, he would be unjust, must like a judge who lets criminals go without first making them serve justice. But because He is just, he must judge us as a race, and individually, so that ultimately no bad deed will go unpunished. At the end, there will be no injustices (example: Hitler) left unnoticed or unpunished. It will all be reconciled.

    As humans we all deserve God’s wrath and punishment, and God would be perfectly fair and just to send us all straight to hell right this very second. He would be just and fair if He decided to leave us to ourselves and let us go our own way, offering us no mercy or help. Mercy is never obligatory, that is the very definition: Unmerited kindness. Yet God is rich in mercy and took the initiative towards us to redeem us and reconcile us to Himself. He sent His son to earth as a human, Jesus Christ, who lived a sinless life, then died and in doing so he took God’s wrath that we deserve upon himself, as our substitute. All of these actions by Jesus were done on our behalf. He freely chose to do this, out of mercy and love towards us. He lived a life of righteousness that is acceptable to God on our behalf, he suffered God’s wrath that we deserve, on our behalf. So the justice God demands is satisfied in Jesus Christ. Now all God requires is that we believe this message and put our trust for righteousness in Jesus Christ, and not in ourselves.

    We cannot trust our own works to get us to heaven, for as was said earlier, we are all sinners. So we must trust in what God has done for us in Jesus Christ. God did this freely and without obligation – that’s how merciful He is.

    So no, you cannot work your way to heaven. You have missed the Christian message. It isn’t about being moral or living by some principles in order to be seen as pleasing in God’s sight. It isn’t about earning more brownie points than the unbeliever sitting next to us so that God is pleased with us, but not them, and so lets us into heaven but not the other person.

    It’s not about what we have done for God to try to please Him, but what God has done for us, in Jesus Christ. Christians have nothing to boast in. They aren’t more moral people, they aren’t superior. They aren’t better. The only reason a Christian is reconciled to God is not because of what they have done, but what God has done for them. Salvation is absolutely 100% free, and is a result of God’s actions, not ours, and anyone who is willing to humble themselves and put their trust what Jesus has done can (and will) be saved.

    I’m sorry that these legalistic propaganda messages failed to deliver the actual message of the Bible to you. They came across as legalism, which is the idea that in order to be reconciled to God, we must try to please Him by living by certain principles or being moral people. Legalism results in the kind of attitude that is shown by these propaganda messages, an attitude of superiority. “Well, I’m better than that other person, because I was smart enough to clean up my life and get my act together and live a life pleasing to God”. That’s not it at all. The Bible is very clear that good works won’t get anyone into heaven. It is also very clear that legalism is wrong and sinful. The Pharisees were legalistic and Christ told them they were hell-bound. The only way to heaven is through Jesus Christ who did good works on our behalf. This, the Pharisees refused to acknowledge, instead wanting to trust that their own righteousness (their own so-called obedience to God’s law) would be good enough to get them into heaven and pleasing enough to God for God to accept them. But the Christian message is the exact opposite, as I hope I have explained clearly above.

    Hopefully what I have said helps you in some way 🙂

    Thanks for your time.

    • Hector says:

      Jesus never existed.
      He’s a freaking solar myth aka telephone game gone wrong.

      • Tamara says:

        So right, Hector.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hi all,
        Newfag here, I found this site today and wanted to react to some stuff I’ve read. It’s gonna be long. If you don’t want to read argumented and balanced posts, please skip this one.

        First of all, and that’s why I post as a reply to this comment, Jesus existed, that’s historical fact. He was born in extreme poverty, He took actions that were considered as miracles, He pretended to be the Son of God Himself, He lived a righteous life and He died on a cross. That’s historical fact. Jesus’ life should be an example for all of us.

        We could argue about the details:
        Did He really achieve miracles or were they just some tricks?
        Was He really the Son of God, or was He just pretentious?
        Did He really live a sinless life, every second, every day, every year?
        Did He really die as a virgin?

        To these questions, I have no answer and like St Thomas (although I’m far from being a saint), I need a proof in order to believe. But that’s not the point, there’s no more evidence of the inexistence of God than there is of His existence.

        “It’s not about what we have done for God to try to please Him, but what God has done for us, in Jesus Christ. Christians have nothing to boast in. They aren’t more moral people, they aren’t superior. They aren’t better. The only reason a Christian is reconciled to God is not because of what they have done, but what God has done for them. Salvation is absolutely 100% free, and is a result of God’s actions, not ours, and anyone who is willing to humble themselves and put their trust [in] what Jesus has done can (and will) be saved.” (Joseff Amador)

        This sounds to me like a perfecty reasoned and logical thinking for someone who has chosen to believe. There’s nothing wrong with that choice. We, atheists, choose not to believe but we don’t have more facts to support our choice than he does. It doesn’t mean he believes all the bullshit christian leaders and fanatics throw at our face. It doesn’t mean he feels superior or in any way better. It doesn’t mean he’ll agree with everything any Christian will say. He does believe that we’ll burn in hell, and on that point, I hope he’s wrong…

        If you don’t mind an anecdote, here it comes:
        12 years ago I was in the US as an exchange student (I’m from Belgium). One day at sunday school, I happened to say that I didn’t believe and started arguing with a girl till she started crying, saying she’d pray for my soul, as I’d go to hell. She was a very nice girl, very sincere and always kind with people around her. I felt very bad, as it wasn’t my intention to hurt her but I couldn’t be hypocritical and tell her ‘ok stop it, I believe’. So I stopped arguing and I was really touched by her sincerity and her christian love for me, although we barely knew eachother. (Now, Miranda, if you happen to read this, I’m really sorry.)

        The majority of Christians I’ve met are good people. They care about people, they’re willing to share and they have high moral standards. I read about tolerance/intolerance. It will be the subject of my next point.

        Who’s being intolerant here? I see Christians come and post the reasons why they believe, peacefully and respectfully, admiting that lots of Christians committed and still commit awfull acts. In response, I see disdain and namecalling. Is that tolerance?
        You’re mad because they try to convert you, but you don’t understand they have to try, it’s their mission because they love you and don’t want you to burn in hell. You may believe they’re wrong and that there’s no hell nor heaven but it doesn’t give you the right to make fun of them.
        I can’t wait for it to be gone completely. Then maybe we can really set out to explore the universe. (Tamara)
        Reading this blog, I can see a future where atheists will try to kill all believers just because they think religions have to disappear.

        we’re ALL capable of intolerant thinking because we’re human. We all want to believe that what we value, what we’ve learned, what we hold dear is CORRECT and TRUE. If anyone speaks directly against our personal core beliefs, none of us immediately think “what a beautiful expression of personal conviction.” We tend to think “what a moron.” Sounds like intolerance, but I don’t think so. I’d like to suggest that real, gut-level tolerance has to do with me allowing you to express your beliefs (however brilliant or petty) and not harming or killing you. (reluctant)
        That is the point. Of course, when we believe in something, we have to believe the opposite is false. But finally, we’re all humans. What are we? What do we know? What have we done? Nothing, nothing and nothing. We’re just a pile of rotten crap that degenerates at each generation. Every scientific theory is proven wrong or at least incomplete or inaccurate. Gallileo, Newton, Darwin, Kepler, Einstein… Their theories suffice to explain what we see around us on a small scale but they all start to be questionned by recent observations. Everything we do leads to anger, hate, destruction and desolation. We’re just nothing, but ervery single human tends to make the universe orbit around him (figuratively speaking).

        Now, you fellow atheists must think I’m a treator, or a big troll. I’m neither. I’m in doubt. It would be easy for me to say “well let’s just say I believe, nothing to lose and maybe heaven to gain if God really exists.”
        I can’t and it wouldn’t serve me, as if He exists He’ll know my hypocrisy and I’ll be just as doomed as any other non-believer. It’s opportunism and it’s not my kind.

        Another reason is that I loathe every single human-made religion and I couldn’t identify to any of them. They were created to control people, tie them together (re-ligare). More often than not, religious leaders use their powers to have believers do evil. All of them admit beliefs and rules that are plain false or obsolete.
        If a God exists, He is none of the one depicted by any human cult.

        Since the beginning and even nowadays, religions tend to slow down scientific achievements, global education, free thinking and general human evolution. They ill-inform billions of persons for the wealth of religious leaders. Wars are made in the name of God. That makes me sick.

        Though, the Bible has some points that leave me wondering.

        Apocalypse: It will happen, sooner or later. Seeing the world today I’d think it will be sooner than later. If not, it will happen anyway when our sun dies. How could one have that insight 2000 years ago?

        Everything is written: as a determinist, I have to accept that as well. Leading to the deduction that whoever (if any) is aware of the exact state of affairs at the very beginning, is omniscient and eventually omnipotent. That sounds like a definition of God if He exists.

        God created life on Earth: This one is a bit harder, but I tend more and more to believe that the Earth might be the only planet to support life. Recent researches show that our solar system is very, very, very special among other systems we’ve observed. In this system, the Earth herself is very, very, very particular among other planets we have observed. Plus, given the relative youth of the Milky Way and of our solar system inside this galaxy, we should have met alien explorers if they existed, but we have not. Ok, this is not an absolute proof that life exists only on Earth but to me, it’s still a hint.

        The Earth is the center of the Universe: If you remember you math classes about general and special relativity, you know that nothing is still nor moving, and that there’s no absolute frame of reference. Everything (even light) just follows it’s geodesic. In this kind of universe, there’s no center and no border. Except maybe the one a conscious entity can observe. In this case, if we accept my previous point (about which I’m not even certain myself) we would be the only ones in the universe to be aware of it’s existence, and thus we could genuinely consider ourselves to be at the center of this universe. Ok this points goes a little far, so forget it but think about it…

        Finally -and this comes from the Bible too- stop hating eachother. Respect and tolerate everybody’s beliefs. Be aware that we all can learn from another. Whoever thinks he knows it all is bound to eternal ignorance. The one who admit his own ignorance can only become wiser.

        Thank you for reading me and please excuse my English, as it’s not my first language.

    • Iri says:

      What a moron. I’ll blog this post in a community of reasonable, logical and morally sane people–a.k.a atheists.

    • shade says:

      wow did YOU drink the kool-aid…. do you realize how bass-ackwards that thinking is? you worship a man who “died for our sins” which we only have because a book with him in it TELLS us we have these sins, which we conveniently enough are BORN with so no matter how pious you are you’re always a sinner until you accept him into your life, how do you know he can save you? why because this book hes in says he can because he died for the sins his father forced upon us! *headache* circular reasoning anyone?

    • Donna says:

      Why do christians see the cruxifixion of Jesus as a great sacrifice that god did for us? Didn’t he get Jesus back in 3 days?

  44. Heather says:

    Holy Moly’s, Pleated Jeans.lol Very clever.

    My humblest of apologies for offending anyone, if I did. I just don’t feel defensive anymore about defending anything–so, I won’t. And, a lot of good points were brought up here. Because I DO still believe the Bible is God-inspired, and for ‘today,’ I really do believe it is possible to ‘be at peace with all men.’

    I don’t mean to suggest ‘Christians’ are the only ones battling persecution of any kind, and I guess I engaged my keyboard before applying tact, there, please forgive me. I feel these posters mis-represent the whole heart of true faith in Jesus. And, this whole issue of ‘intolerance’ IS a sore spot for me, to be honest–if only because ‘tolerance’ is such a meagre substitute for truly accepting someone–even if you disagree with them.

    I have so many GOOD friends and family members who are WAY on the other end of the spectrum from me–who don’t believe what I believe, and know that I don’t believe what they believe–but, I don’t merely ‘tolerate’ them (or vice versa)–I love them. I appreciate them. I admire and respect them–each in individual ways for individual reasons. I don’t want to walk on the other side of the street when I see them. I don’t want to harass them with constant nagging about my faith–they already know what I’m about. And, I have many of the same struggles! So, why should I be so pompous?

    Anyway–a little propoganda side-stepping never hurt anyone, I’d imagine.

    • Tamara says:

      Heather, if you are offended by the words “tolerant” or “intolerant”, you don’t understand the concepts. “I don’t want to harass them with constant nagging about my faith” – that idea would suggest a tolerant approach. You don’t want to nag them to change, because you are ok with, or tolerant of, them living their lifestyle.

      Saying that atheists are obnoxious and/or annoying would be an example of intolerance. You don’t like it. It bothers you. It was enough to cause you to go on the offensive.

      Christians are the largest religious group in the world, and certainly in this country. Can you really bully a bully? It’s like saying the kid who slipped up and told another kid that Santa wasn’t real is an evil kid who wants to murder Santa. The first kid doesn’t want to murder Santa. He knows Santa isn’t there to destroy. Also, he would probably like Santa if Santa were real.

      I wouldn’t like God if he were real though, because he needs people to worship him, and that type of insecurity seems kind of lame coming from an all powerful deity. He also got a virgin pregnant and then had his son killed because he thought the people he made were bad. That just doesn’t seem wholesome to me. It seems downright psycho. Some people respond to psychos by trying to do everything they can to keep from incurring the psycho’s wrath. I won’t give in to the psycho or his followers. I don’t negotiate with terrorists. Peace be with you. Live your best life, because there’s not a heaven waiting for you, sweetcakes.

  45. reluctant says:

    First of all, these are funny and sad. Thankfully Jesus said “Follow me,” not “follow my followers.” I’m a Christian and if I know one thing, it’s that we (christians) deserve to be made fun of from time to time. Also, if we begin to take ourselves too seriously, we’re seriously doomed. I take my faith very seriously, but not myself. I’m a human…a idiotic mess of dysfunction and selfishness. That being said, the actual Christian-produced items above are far-reaching at best and heretical at worst. Jesus NEVER preached down to non-believers…but was extremely harsh on the religious hypocrites (folks who should’ve known better). We Christians should be more like that.

    A few things: @heather could’ve been a bit more eloquent with her rant, but I understand where she’s coming from. When she said “christian minority,” I’m pretty sure she meant “among readers/commenters here on the site.” When she said “religion of atheism,” that was meant in the broader sense of “pervasive belief.” We’ve all seen/heard loud-mouthed atheists (Hitchens, Gervais, etc)…so I’m guessing she was addressing this element of the movement…or, non-movement, as it were.

    Here’s the deal: we’re ALL capable of intolerant thinking because we’re human. We all want to believe that what we value, what we’ve learned, what we hold dear is CORRECT and TRUE. If anyone speaks directly against our personal core beliefs, none of us immediately think “what a beautiful expression of personal conviction.” We tend to think “what a moron.” Sounds like intolerance, but I don’t think so. I’d like to suggest that real, gut-level tolerance has to do with me allowing you to express your beliefs (however brilliant or petty) and not harming or killing you. I think we can all agree here that the only truly intolerant people on the planet are Muslim jihadists, Christian abortion-clinic killers, neo-Nazis…and the like. These are all incredibly misguided and ignorant people. The planet would be better without them and both history and God will judge them accordingly. If Christians were truly intolerant, Comedy Central, MTV, Ricky Gervais, KMFDM, etc would all have been blown to bits by now. In fact, if mainstream Christians reacted to dissent the way the Taliban does…well, this posting could never appear without the author’s life being in danger. The fact that he felt no fear in posting proves my point.

    So…you see? We can all get along and it’s ok to think your neighbor is a moron. But if you’re a Christian, you’re called to love that person. (jesus never said anything about liking them, though)

    • shade says:

      while i appreciate your eloquence and understanding, you dont need to make excuses for heather, funny enough youre doing for her exactly what the priests do for god, youre telling us what you believe she MEANT, because what she said was stupid.

  46. reluctant says:

    oh…@heather responded as I was typing my pamphlet. Good on ya, heather.

    And…sorry for my long-winded-ness. Just not the sort of thing that I can sum up in a sentence or two.

  47. Roman says:

    LOL!! That was hilarious, thanks Pleated! I can totally believe some idiot would think they are helping us out by spreading this idiocy with a couple of these, but it makes me laugh to see how far Christianity has come since then (not far). I’m from Texas, so I am surrounded by nuts who eat this stuff up, and seem to be attached to the hip to their Fox News (sigh). So needless to say I don’t see many moderate Christians down here. I gotta say, a couple of those looked they might have been passed out by Westboro Baptist church (less said about them the better). Religion has been responsible for the darkest times in history (check out Rwanda genocides, conversions in the 1790’s in Tahiti and other pacific islands, North America colonization, the Philippians in 1898, China [boxer rebellion], and in India. Remember the picture/video of the Vietnamese man setting fire to himself years ago? It was in protest of how the people were treated by the Catholic-run gov’t (set up by U.S. and approved by the Vatican). In Burma, a Baptist sterilized 20,000 women, and drew blood from them, all unconscious, to sell for money. This is just a sample of the atrocities committed in the name of religion. Thanks for your insight Diane, and thank goodness for u sumthin2hope4, I know you and others are out there (just not around here unfortunately). As for heather= you are in the majority, you are a part of the single largest religion in the world (unless you mean a minority on the blog, in that case i misunderstood). Typically, it doesn’t come across as “sharing the faith”- it is pushed onto everyone, hence the intolerance! Christians get upset when they can’t get their way= they protest if evolution is taught in exclusion to any other huckster theories (lookin at you intelligent design). Oh, and every religion is against jesus? Wow, ok you have been spoonfed adulterated info…every religion thinks it is right and the others are wrong. You guys are not persecuted at all! WTF? And that comment about the “religion of atheism”? Wow, your “spoonfed info” is really shining through now, you preacher would be proud! We don’t adhere to religion AT ALL! despite what you hear in your church. It is a distinct LACK of belief in a God that sets us apart. We are the 3rd largest group of people behind Christians and Islam. And you guys are being singled out and made to look idiotic? You make it too easy! When you don’t know the fundamental reasoning behind your own beliefs (when you grow up in that environment, you are indoctrinated into the faith because there are simply no other options. Plus your religion is against progression of any sort). Many people simply cannot debate anything, they just repeat what they believe and try to yell it louder than the other side, so it is small wonder that the majority of Christians were brought up in that kind of household, and atheists have actually thought about their beliefs and made a decision about it. Seeing as most atheists have thought about their decisions, and in many cases debated them in their head or with others, we have a rather substantial head start on the debate circuit. We can come up with more material and more ideas, whereas religion has a very finite amount of info to work with. And so we relish debate (those of us who have the talent of course) because we know the inevitable outcome. Frustration mounts when you cannot match the other side – obvious 2 u yet?). And that bit about the greatest thinkers being Christian? Hippocrates, Einstein, Copernicus, Isaac Newton, Rene Descartes, Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Isaac Asimov Gene Roddenberry, Carl Sagan, Oscar Wilde, Gorge Bernard Shaw, Mark Twain, Voltaire, were all atheists, some persecuted by the church for their studies and scientific theories. Back then atheism was a horrible offense. Can you imagine if atheism had the acceptance today as it did back then? How about ancient Greece? They were light-years ahead of everyone else in terms of medicine, philosophy, science, etc. Christianity rolls around and turns the world dark for the next couple thousand years. In this day and age, it is simply not enough to say that God did it and that’s good enough for me! We want proof, and you are laughably unable to provide it despite that Christians belief in God without question(ing). Wow, that was a rant guys, sorry you had to read all this

  48. These really aren’t that bad, they aren’t telling you to go kill anyone at least. Christianity, despite all of its flaws, is really a very peaceful religion.

  49. Austin says:

    Hi Pleated Jeans,

    As a staunch evangelical Christian, I was saddened by many of these links. I’ve always thought that Christians’ reaction to Harry Potter, for example, was un-warranted and shallow.

    However, I do have one gripe with your list: you accuse Christians of fomenting intolerance against members of different faiths because of its insistence that it alone is the way to redemption. Don’t accuse the coloring book of sponsoring intolerance merely because it eschews political correctness’s obsession with endorsing every religion. Tolerance merely accepts that different views exist–it need not extend to endorsing or embracing a different point of view.

    For example, you, I assume, tolerate christian presence in this society–you have not seriously advocated that they be rounded up and detained. But, that does not necessarily mean you think Christians are right, does it? I suspect not. That is the key distinction. Tolerance allows for genuine disagreement, whereas conformity forces all to divest themselves of religious distinction in the name of sensitivity: instead of believing what each of us thinks is true, we instead have to tout the party line at the expense of our own minds and consciences.

    While you may have other valid grounds for accusing Christians of intolerance, I suggest to you that the coloring book page in question is not among them.

    • Tamara says:

      I think you’re missing the point of these, Austin. The point is for mature individuals to have a good laugh at immaturity and nonsense. I’m not sure if you’re able to comprehend this, as your brainwashing seems to be well ingrained. Still, it’s fun to type words, right? Good job, kiddo! Praise Jesus? Haha.

  50. xmartinj says:

    Here’s a blog that teaches intolerance for religions while poking fun of Christians being intolerant of other religions.

    Christ may have coined the term “hypocrite”, but Christians certainly aren’t the only ones who fit the label.

    • Tamara says:

      The big difference, xmartinj, is that non-believers aren’t amassing in giant numbers and slowing (and sometimes completely halting) real progress toward unlocking realities of the universe and discovering new innovations in health and science.

      “Believe in Jesus! He will have all of the answers you need!” He just can’t tell you what they are right now. You have to wait until you’re dead to figure out how much of the bible was right or wrong (and you could be waiting for nothing). Haha. Oh, that God is such a trickster! What fun this guessing game is!

      We’re on the verge of extending human lifetimes by multiple decades and perhaps longer with science. Proven science. We want to promote ideas and forward motion, not ancient fairy tales that promote living in constant fear until we cease to exist.

      Hypocrites? Sure, whatever. You’re right that I am intolerant of people who are intolerant of educated minds. I won’t threaten you with hell and brimstone, though. I will simply pity you and hope for you to stay in/go back to school and grow up.

      • Ben says:

        I think you’re missing the point. Jesus never promised that if you believe in him, all your problems are gone. He promised salvation to those who believe in him. Whether you agree with that or not is only a philosophical problem which means there is no right concrete answer.

        Unfortunately Science in technology got Hijacked by atheists. Meaning that those people who believe in science or technology are smart humanists or atheists. Science remains science regardless who praises it. Both religious and non-religious folks equally contributed to science and atheists shouldn’t call it their own. Unfortunately they think its their own because they think science uncovers the flaws of religion. But the fact of the matter is, religious people, just as equally use science to uncover the flaws of humanists and atheists with their evolutionary and psychoanalytical dogmas.

        I don’t see religious people lacking anything at the moment. If they die and God happens not to exist, well then, big deal. But if you’re an atheists and you died, and God did happen to exist, oops, thats a big deal. I know atheists think that Christians are lacking something by believing in God, but Christians see the opposite. They feel secure in actuality, because by living a christian life, they received healthy families, a supportive community…etc. And just like atheists they received equal education, equal job pay…etc. So I don’t see them lacking anything, at least not in America.

      • Tamara says:

        For some reason, I am unable to reply to Ben’s post, so I am replying on mine.

        I didn’t miss any point, Ben. I am well educated about your religion. Science wasn’t hijacked by atheists. Science; by nature is atheist. It is knowledge concerning the physical world and its phenomena; knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding. For something to become a “science” it must be testable using scientific method.

        Your philosophies and theories about an afterlife and an invisible deity are untestable using scientific method, as they do not exist in our physical realm. Atheists did not force your god to be unscientific. Deities are simply unscientific by definition.

        I could tell you, and many others could decide to tell you, that we exist beneath a land of marshmallows. Our insistence of our faith being true and correct would not make that so, nor would it make a marshmallow land into science.

        Now, if we travel into space and find a land of marshmallows I will stand corrected. I am open to any and all possibilities, as a woman of science.

        As to Christians not lacking anything in their lives; I never said they felt lacking. I have known many depressed Christians. I have known depressed atheists. If someone has faith in a deity and that brings them comfort, I feel happiness for them; as long as they don’t set out to hinder the progress and evolution of the human race by attempting to pigeonhole us all into that mindset.

        If you think you are not lacking in something; hedging your bets in case there’s a hell tells me you lack the strength and courage to boldly face the unknown with the integrity and knowledge that it IS unknown. If your god would punish people for not knowing about him-when he never put forth substantial proof of his existence, and when humans so clearly possess a natural curiosity and yearning for knowledge from birth-I would happily take myself to hell or any place far from so cruel a monster.

        Feeling secure that you have to constantly pander to a grouchy, vengeful god for the rest of your life in order to maybe make it into his kingdom doesn’t sound like security at all. Best of luck with that.

        As I said before, I choose forward progress. I choose to extend human life using scientific methods in the hopes that one day we won’t have to face the afterlife question at all. The dream I have is for endless freedom for everyone. For far reaching space travel and knowledge of our vast universe. If what I’m saying sounds impractical, just compare it to a good space god VS. an evil hell monster; fighting over the souls of creatures they never interact with (aside from possibly watching us suffer unspeakable horrors and deaths). Then arbitrarily passing judgments on whether we are good enough to have paradise forever, or if we should be tortured forever instead.

        Personally, I find a lot more security in putting my energy into things that help the physical world. For our children and grandchildren. To make my heaven here.

  51. Chuck D says:

    Apparently knowing how to use an apostrophe means you ❤ the devil also.

    • shade says:

      sorry chuck i also cant reply to ben so im gonna hijack your post, ben, im not sure if you’re aware of this, but there was a time the church was responsible for ALL the science in the land, those times were called the dark ages, we made no progress, people lived in squalor and stupidity and the atheist scientists at the time, yes there WERE atheist scientists even then, had to say they were christian or they would be murdered for being an infidel, this is right around the same time the church was KILLING PEOPLE for translating the bible into english because if the average person could read and interpret the bible for themselves they might realize what a load of fairytale tripe it all was.

  52. Tamara says:

    Santa isn’t real. I believe that, so I must be in the religion of anti-Santa and wanting to murder Santa. I want to destroy Santa in the eyes of all children. I want all children to never get another Christmas present because I am evil and opposed to Santa.

    No, I’m wrong. Santa believers have swayed me to their side and now I believe in Santa fully and give my life to him. I know I can never meet him because he lives at the north pole and only flies around the world on his magical sleigh once a year, but my parents and millions of other people have believed in his realness, so this is all of the proof I need to waste my life and wait patiently for Christmas morning. It is all so clear to me now. Santa loves the good little children. If I am good and love Santa, Santa will give me presents! Hooray Jesus! I mean … Santa.

    • Ben says:

      What happens if you don’t believe in Saint Nicholas? You equally have not seen him. He equally exists in books only.

      • Tamara says:

        My point remains unchanged. If Saint Nicholas was a real person at some point in history, and exists in a history book, he is dead now. He is certainly not delivering toys to children all over the world once a year. It’s illogical. So is the idea of a space god who got a virgin pregnant without marrying her, only to have the child killed later in order to somehow cleanse bad people of being bad.

  53. avelvet says:

    Why do “Americans” get so much flak over this?
    Oh, never mind.

  54. WhatToBelieve says:

    Faith is for the things we can’t or don’t yet know (lots). Reason is for the things we can and do know (not so much). Both are needed, but when there is a conflict, for obvious reasons, go with Reason. If that isn’t clear to you, maybe it will help if you think that is what God wants you to do, and why you were told he gave you free will.

  55. SecularBob says:

    Intolerance works both ways. I am Secular (Humanist) which is not a religion either. In fact you can be Atheist, Christian< Muslim< Jewish. Extremism is everywhere, I personally don't believe in a God but if it would make someone a better person to do so, then thats ok with me too, on the one condition that it does not harm others. I have no need to tell you why I don't believe, if someone asks I will tell them though. I see alot of intolerance in this post. I understand it was fueled by the very insensitive coloring book. We need to ask our self are most Christians this mind-boggling intolerant? I am guessing the answer is No. Chalk this one up as Extremism.

  56. Ill-logic says:

    Ever wonder whether or not there have been instances of near death experiences where followers of one religion were greeted by the deity of another?

  57. afscience says:

    Oh Archie, how you’ve deceived us

  58. ttbirdie says:

    All I can say is God bless each and everyone of you. God loves you no matter who or what you are. He died for all of us.

    • Ellie says:

      I agree.

      • Tamara says:

        I wouldn’t want anyone to die for me. Anyway, he supposedly died “for our sins”. That makes no sense. That helps no one. Everyone still lives in sin, according to your holy book; and everyone can be judged unfit for heaven. So what was the point to the pointless death of the son of god again? Having someone die somehow makes us better people? It was good to kill a peace loving person because?

        You telling us he loves us might seem like a nice thing to you. It’s like saying Barney the Dinosaur loves us. It’s not mean-spirited; it’s just awfully juvenile.

        It’s hilarious to me that you have the huge database of the internet at your fingertips and you still actually believe this stuff. People made this stuff up and passed it around when they didn’t have television, movies, internet, and mass market publishing. It sounded great and entertaining and like a comforting fairy tale to fill the void of information. It also sounded like terrifying ghost stories and tall tales told by campfires. A great tool for entertaining and brainwashing the masses.

        It’s so 140AD. Get over it. It’s done-zo.

    • shade says:

      wait… god died for all of us? oh wait you must mean jesus… who was also god… because god impregnated a virgin (whos mother was also a virgin! how bout that!?) with himself, so he could be born and tell people about how great he was before letting himself be sacrificed TO himself to save us from the sins that he made us have, because a woman made from a rib (why not more dirt) ate from an APPLE (why not the stone of knowledge?)

  59. I”m not sure which is funnier (or more disturbing) the ignorant posters or the ignorant right-wing nut jobs commenting about the ignorant posters.

  60. HeavenCalls says:

    i will contribute when i have gotten my wordpress up, but cannot let this pass. first your beginning hypothesis is a complete distraction and comes from a pseudo educational point of view. you most certainly don’t know what spirit you are of. it is very clear, that when a person ventures out from a dark room into the blazing light of day they are very aware that they WERE in a dark place. don’t be fooled by your own deceptions, they come not from you, but you are responsible for them. besides, a christian is not judged by the powers of heaven or of the wily manipulations of the supposed wisdom of earth, anymore, as the Son has taken ALL judgement for them – this is the Great Good News and is still open to as many as receive this truth ….. so ones intelligence has nothing to do with ANYTHING except to puff up those who show it off. the fact is ALL men(mankind) finds equality in God alone, and that comes only thru the blood of the lamb, period. THAT IS ALSO WHERE WE ALL FIND OUR TRUE IDENTITY – everything else is a complete distraction. we at the end of the ages have the most light, since the GOD of creation became a man and died for you and me, so we could finally, REALLY see the light. you my brother are still in the dark room of unbelief. Thank God He is patient with us all. therefore you too still have hope… thanks for your time.

  61. alleee says:

    No, no, no, atheist goat is from a parody website. All it takes is a read of some of the other pages. Sheesh people.

    Remember: if you promote Christianity, like it or not, you’re promoting crap like Jack Chick says. You are always responsible for your beliefs.

  62. alleee says:

    “Intolerance” for religion is not the same thing as giving well-deserved criticism–as these posters prove.

    If it were really “bad” to criticize the church and religion, we would never have had “PROTESTANTS” in the first place, would we? Not that the first protester didn’t have a healthy hate-on for religious people, especially Jews. Nice basis to come from. Of course, without religious criticism, we’d all probably be animists, fearing lightning and worshiping a deserving sun, not son.

    It’s really amusing, seeing the protesting coming from Christians every time they are shown the outrageous bullshit that comes from other believers. Own it. You’re the people we want to see showing outrage for unbelievable bullcrap, hatred, and violence. But apparently all you can do is whine when it’s revealed. Why don’t you try being a part of the solution, rather than the problem–start going after all of your leaders who abuse their power and children? Priests, ministers and “Youth Pastors” who are having a real good time being “shepherds” to their sheep while being aided and abetted by their flock? How about calling out those ministers who call for violence against gay people–or is that what you believe Jesus really wanted? Doesn’t matter to me–you guys make Jesus your pocket puppet who believes in and says exactly what you want him to say. Who cares WWJD? Puppets do exactly what you want them to.

    • Tamara says:

      They like it because it is easy-peasy. Sissies.

      • shade says:

        blind faith requires no thought, and these people are scared to death that their actions are their own, so they attribute them to a master plan by an invisible man to compensate for how empty they are.

      • Tamara says:

        You made your brilliant posts on my birthday, Shade. Happy birthday to me! 😀

  63. Mark Rolfe says:

    All the religious believers on here seem to never recognise that the old religions were created to control the masses. The basic tenets of “love thy neighbour” etc are all fine but the other stuff was all created to control people through fear and superstition. As the world is becoming more educated and more people are thinking for themselves the belief in these superstitions is reducing amongst well educated people especially in Europe. Modern religious leaders (especially the christian ones) are about the lack of morals in the modern world, this is not new and in fact plenty of christian people in the past and now, have been and are the most lacking in morals and self seeking individuals Ihave come across. Just remember the bible was put together to scare people into doing wht they were told and also to try and explain the then unexplainable (earthquakes, floods, locust plagues etc). If all the religious people in the world stopped going to pointless ceremonies and spent that time helping other people in their or other communities this world would be a whole lot nicer and have a lot less strife, fear and pain in it.

    • Tamara says:

      Very nicely stated, Mark.

    • shade says:

      indeed, i know this is a poke at Judaism, but do you HONESTLY believe that pigs are unclean? pigs out of the BILLIONS of animals on the planet, you cant eat pork unless its blessed? here’s a little bit of mind blowing truth for you, at the time the Jews were a mostly nomadic wandering tribe of near cavemen, they rarely cooked their meat, and when you eat raw pork you get…. dun dun dun deadly viruses and parasites! these are detrimental to a society, what do you do then? you cant convince everyone to start cooking their pork to kill disease and parasites, so you tell them GOD says pigs are unclean, DON’T eat pork, tadaa problem solved!.

  64. J.B.Willit says:

    hmmmm , maybe we should abandon the new religions Christianity, Islam , more people are killed everyday for these upstart religions that only serve to control the masses , and exercise power for it’s own profit.
    embrace your mother earth , the old ways are the best ways , and wicca has nothing to do with the devil, sorry but do your homework, get an education or shut up.

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  66. Kilwag says:

    What’s the source on the skateboard image?

  67. Dude says:

    I LOVED the India poster!!! To me that sums up what is wrong with ANY religion that assumes its own piety. Piety, if such a thing exists, can only be found in how we treat those we meet, know and cherish (ya know, do unto others…). My fellow man is all I’ll ever know of God until I “die” and become part of it all.

  68. IESVS says:

    lol, christians can never win an argument, especially here on web, because we atheist never organize and huddle up in groups, we just lurk the nets.

  69. MAP says:

    Heh, that atheist one made me laugh, since I’m an Episcopalian and my boyfriend is an atheist, and I’m pretty sure he’s about 100 times more upbeat than I am. But we Episcopalians have never been known for our happy-go-lucky, skip-around-the-church attitudes. We’re more “stay the eff away from me, I’m praying. No, I won’t shake your hand. Shoo!”

    Also, I think instead of the homo’s and the femenist’s going to hell, those misplaced apostrophes should. GRAMMAR ATTACK! ARRRGGHROAR *rips them to shreds*

  70. mike says:

    Any organisation that incites hate in any way has no right to describe itself as ‘sacred’

  71. Terry says:

    Ever notice when someone talks about “sharing their religion” it’s not because they want to hear about yours, they want to convince you that yours is wrong.

    • Tamara says:

      Absolutely, Terry. A relative of mine pretended to want to “share” ideas and beliefs with me. When I said I didn’t buy the Christianity sell, she said, “I don’t like the kind of person you are. Stay away from me! You’ll corrupt MY family!”

  72. mrmr says:

    The last one is a fake. The website is linked to Zounds which is a parody site.

  73. Teege says:

    Relax. Objective/Ministries (the atheist goat) IS a parody website- a very good one, mind you! As another poster said, after getting into some of the text, you can tell. Also, you can get their stuff on CafePress. I dressed up as Mr. Gruff The Atheist Goat for a Halloween party and handed out the graphic posted above as a flyer! It was a very comfy outfit and I drank beer out of my coffee cup. BTW, I think Mr. Gruff’s coffee cup is a reference to Unitarian Universalists- many of whom are humanists and atheists. We joke that we worship coffee. Cheers!

  74. Kevin Maguire says:

    “Here’s a coloring book that teaches intolerance of other religions.”

    How does this caption make any sense? Trying to convert someone is not being intolerant.

    A lot of these made me laugh my ass off. It never ceases to amazing me what christians and atheists will do.

  75. Tierra says:

    haha you know, i try to respect religion and what they stand for, but when they go after just random things that piss them off becuase they can, that just gives me another reason not to be religious. frustrating.

    • Tamara says:

      I totally get what you’re saying, Tierra. Don’t worry though. If you don’t want to be religious, you don’t have to be. Avoiding religion gives me great comfort and peace. 🙂

  76. JayKay says:

    I see that there have not been many comments left from a Buddhist’s perspective. I am a Buddhist. We mustn’t call someone stupid because they have blind faith. We mustn’t call someone ignorant because they choose Reason instead of Faith. We are all on the pursuit of happiness on this planet. The choices we make, religious or not, are geared to help us gain a greater sense of happiness. Believing in Christ, believing not in God–these views should not be ridiculed–because the individuals holding these views only wish for happiness. ‘Acceptance’ is a better word than ‘tolerance,’ in my opinion. We should accept the diversity of views, and we should understand that we are all different. We should use this to gain a greater understanding of our human race, so that we may further advance the happiness of the world.

    PS: I am content with life. I am nearly awake. Please do not tell me I’m wrong for being happy. Coloring book or not, if you do not accept one’s choice to believe a certain way then you are being intolerant. Everybody’s different but we all want to be happy. So, please, make Love–not poorly constructed posters with unnecessary apostrophes. (That was joke…)

  77. jen says:

    This is an awesome collection of PROPAGANDA. For all the close minded Christians out there notice I capitalized “propaganda” and Google it if you are confused about its meaning. I have rarely seen such outrageous scare tactics used in real life but its absurd when you do. Great collection!

  78. jen says:

    and Hitler is kinda hot ;-O

  79. Matthew says:

    Some are parodies written BY Christians, others don’t even mention Christianity (such as media being steeped in sex). Your whole argument is ad hominem and is basically a fallacy. Poorly argued. However, interesting.

    • SpaceEagle says:

      I’m a Christian who writes parodies on the “Christians” who preach hate in the name of Jesus. You would think many of these people never read the words of Christ. Jesus was about love and compassion, not hating others and killing others. They give Jesus a bad name.

  80. Bob B. Bobberson says:

    “My god has a bigger dick than your god!” -GC

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  82. Alli says:

    I think some people need to remember that in every religion, there are assholes. And in every religion there are very kind tolerant people. Unfortunately there are a lot of assholes promoting their religion in innappropriate ways.

  83. Linda says:

    About not respecting beliefs. If African men with AIDS think that having sex with a virgin will cure them, wouldn’t you call that a “belief”? So, like, why aren’t we “respecting” that belief?

    • Satan says:

      What an absolutely idiotic and moronic thing to say. Yes, let’s respect men who rape children and possibly give them AIDS while doing so.

      My beliefs state that I should point out stupid people. I hope you respect me.

  84. SpaceEagle says:

    Dang! I didn’t know older men having sex with college girls could give them all that. Does that happen even if I’ve been celibate since my wife’s death?

  85. Jake Byers says:

    A church that my bus goes by has a sign saying “Ask about our ‘Pray’ as you do plan”

  86. passy says:

    ohmygod this is hilarious. i grew up in the church and i saw these things all the time. i’m still a christian, but dear god, these are the people that give christians bad names. i mean, i have friends that are LESBIAN and they’re christians. jesus christttt

  87. Lukky says:

    The comic after the jesus skateboarding is about halloween, i’ve got the full booklet. I got it handed to me when i was on vacation in canada.

  88. zsock says:

    objectiveministries.org is a parody website.

  89. Jordan says:

    Ha I like how Mormon’s are 4th on the list of “Why do you love the Devil” just found it interesting that it is so prosecuted.

  90. autumn says:

    Our CHILDREN are reading this! How can they do this?! It is COMPLETELY maddening that this still exists in America!! Look at it!! That last one is the LAST straw!! Comic FUCKIN’ Sans!! If there is a god, it should rid this horrible, horrible earth of ANYONE who uses Comic Sans for any reason at all!!

  91. Satan says:

    I don’t know what’s funnier, those pictures or the comments here.
    I did like skateboarding Jesus though. That might get me to believe in a ficticious zombie.

    • Tamara says:

      Hey yeah! YEAH! That convinces me. See, DJ Jesus Christ is hip to the scene like an adolescent. Hot damn! He is a cool cat who wants to teach me about… ollies, and not working on Sunday, and transforming homosexuals into secret homosexuals. Sounds damned good! SLAMMIN’!

  92. Allison says:

    I don’t know how I ever missed this one. I made the mistake of reading it at the library and had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing.

  93. James says:

    I just laughed coffee out of my nose! Oh man!

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  95. Rynosaur says:

    Some of these have valid points, and make no mention of being affiliated with Christianity. The second one, for example, is more than true, and makes no mention of religious affiliation. I am Athiest, and choose to base my beliefs on tangible evidence, scientific methodology, and hard proof (or what I perceive as proof). If someone else chooses to believe in god, for whatever reason, the fact that they made that decision means it was probably best for them, as it likely fills some void in their life. Some people just need to believe in something, regardless if there is proof, or how illogical it sounds, in order to live their lives. Power to them. I hope everyone respects the decisions of others to believe, or not believe, in something, and we can all live here, like civilized human beings.

  96. Harry says:

    For those of you who do not believe in God, you will about 2 seconds after your dead.

    • Tamara says:

      Wow, Harry. Really? Did you die and see a space God? Oh CHRIST! I guess I should take your word for it because you threatened me. Makes sense.

      If I see God when I’m dead, I’ll say, “Wow! I can see without eyes or a brain! Hey, God. You really do exist! How about that! Why such a dickface moron? I can haz hell now? Tanx!!!! LOLz 4evr!”

      I’m not afraid of your sissy boogie-man. Let me know when he cures cancer for children and regrows limbs for amputees who fought in his nonsense murder wars. Just make sure you don’t give any credit to scientists for diseases cured. It’s much more likely that a being who CAN’T communicate with any of us or walk among us made stuff happen. Because he’s nutty like that.

      Oh, that Jesus. What a prankster! He can make the world, but he can’t talk. Poor, all powerful mute.

      “You’re not tolerant of my beliefs, Tamara.” That’s right, Christian readers. I’m tired of you making excuses for the evil you do. I will tolerate it never.

  97. Jpople says:

    I would just like to put forth that the “Harry Potter is witchcraft” one looks pretty close to the Twilight cover.

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  99. Jack says:

    While atheism may not fit everyone’s definition of a “religion,” it requires just as much faith to not believe in a God as it does to believe in one. As an atheist, you blindly accept (without any actual proof and in complete contradiction to all known laws of the universe) that all of the matter in the universe simply appeared one day from nothing and without any outside direction organized itself into the vast array of extremely complex yet ordered systems that we observe today, from microscopic chemical processes to the interactions between galactic clusters and black holes. The more we learn about the universe and the deeper levels of complexity that we uncover through science (and yes, I am a scientist, a geologist to be specific), the more difficult it becomes to explain all of this without the hand of a supernatural creative being involved. You are perfectly welcome to make that leap of faith and trust that it is somehow possible for matter to come from nothing, order to arise naturally from disorder, and life from non-living matter, but don’t try to pretend that this has all been “proven” and that your beliefs are all based on “reason,” “facts,” and “science,” when that is complete BS. Assumptions and conjecture are not science. At least religious people are honest with themselves and accept that a leap of faith is required to trust their God. Any atheist that is truly honest with themselves would recognize that there are questions that atheistic science cannot answer, and until these questions are answered they are relying on faith just as much as any religious person.

    • Tamara says:

      Hm. Nice try on the twist there. I don’t have faith in the unproven. I’m open to possibilities. As an atheist person, I will discard what has been disproved. You can call the process of elimination a religion if you want to. It’s kind of like saying electricity is a religion. Or deciding on wearing no socks instead of white or purple socks is having faith in no socks.

      It’s a circular argument. That’s all you can do in your locked in position. Atheists aren’t locked in. We don’t have contracts with invisible friends. Have fun with yours. If you call me religious, do you know how much I will care? The answer is not at all. 🙂

      • Jack says:

        Well, you sound like more of an agnostic than a true atheist, so the comment was not really directed at you. To me, an atheist is someone that actively believes that there is no God or intelligent supernatural creative force, and that everything we see around us is the product of random natural processes. If you are “open to the possibility” that God exists you are not an atheist. By the way, your electricity and socks examples were irrelevant and simply demonstrate that you did not grasp what I was trying to say. Also, it is not a circular argument because I did not use the argument to prove that God exists, but rather to logically demonstrate that belief that there is no God (atheism) requires just as much reliance on faith as believing in a God (theism). The atheist position is too often presented as being based entirely upon science, facts, and reason, while ignoring the great leaps of faith that must be taken to explain fundamental questions such as the origin of matter and the origin of life. I entertain no fantasy that my argument will convince you to accept that God exists, but if I can get one atheist to look in the mirror and recognize the leaps of faith that they are making even though they may not realize it, then I’ve done my job.

      • Tamara says:

        It’s not a big leap of faith to say that a silly (and at times psychotic) story is false. If you told me the sky was red and made of the blood of unicorns, I wouldn’t have to jump into a chasm of faith to disagree with that. Seriously, maturity really isn’t about faith. Blind faith is a mental illness.

        Some agnostic people are also atheist. These aren’t religions and they definitely are not two separate religions. Some agnostic people desperately long to have a higher power to believe in, while not settling on one. Some agnostics believe that one of the Gods of man is probably the right God, but they can’t decide which one it is. I can’t claim that type of longing. I’m very comfortable not believing in any of man’s bullshit stories. Stating that this does not limit my allowance for possibilities beyond my knowledge does not take away my atheist logic. Again, nice try.

        If nature presents me with answers beyond the answers I already have, I will be thrilled to know a little more, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m also not going to lie and say that I know some wild guess by humans must be a sure thing simply because humans said so. No faith required.

      • Jack says:

        I think I’m sensing a pattern in your responses: you ignore the main point of what I’m saying and argue about something vaguely related and think you’ve come up with some clever response to shut me down. I’ll attempt to make this clearer, please try to respond to my actual argument this time, if you can. Until we discover a means for matter to simply appear from nothing and life to arise from non-living matter, you, along with all atheists, are making a leap of faith, whether you want to admit it or not. I’m not trying to convince you of a particular religion or a particular God, that is clearly a lost cause in your case. All I’m trying to do is demonstrate that at the most fundamental level, there are things (matter from nothing, life from non-life, and more generally order from disorder) that “science” cannot explain by any known process, theory, or physical law. Thus, despite your claim to the contrary, you do have “faith in the unproven.” You blindly accept that it is possible for matter to arise from nothing (or simply that it “always existed,” which is an equally absurd claim), and that life was able to arise naturally from non-living matter with no supernatural intervention, with no proof whatsoever that either of these things are even possible. Please explain to me how that is not blind faith. I prefer the most rational conclusion that these things are the result of supernatural intervention and therefore do not need to be (and cannot be) explained by natural processes. My leap of faith largely comes in with the question of how God came into existence, a question which I nor anyone else can answer, just like no one can answer how matter came into existence or how non-living matter became living, despite the best attempts at explaining the latter (i.e. the Miller-Urey experiment). I don’t think I can make it much clearer without directly repeating myself, I look forward to your next condescending and unrelated response 🙂

      • Tamara says:

        “Until we discover a means for matter to simply appear from nothing and life to arise from non-living matter, you, along with all atheists, are making a leap of faith, whether you want to admit it or not.”

        I never said matter simply appeared from nothing. I also can’t say that matter appeared from something. I wasn’t there when it all started, if it started. It doesn’t take faith for me to know that I don’t know what happened. It’s clear that I don’t. Ha.

        Christians claim to know. Based on what? *crickets*

        “All I’m trying to do is demonstrate that at the most fundamental level, there are things (matter from nothing, life from non-life, and more generally order from disorder) that “science” cannot explain by any known process, theory, or physical law.”

        Scientists don’t pretend to have explanations for the things they don’t have explanations for. The big bang theory is a theory of how our universe began expanding. Scientists don’t claim that this is the answer to an existential question. So, again, no leap of faith required. You seem to really want to prove to atheists that our “beliefs” are as silly as yours are by saying that we have faith in unknown things. I think, if anything, we have faith in known things. Things that are tangible and that we can be commonly aware of within our physical space. You seem to muddy up the definition of faith quite a bit though. Is it faith to know that I can’t walk my body through a wall? Call it faith if you want to, but you are really reaching.

        “If you are “open to the possibility” that God exists you are not an atheist.” – Nope. I don’t believe in God or Gods. I’m as atheist as they come. You seem to be confusing atheism with nihilism. It might be fun for you to do some research; study up on the matter. 🙂

        “You blindly accept that it is possible for matter to arise from nothing (or simply that it “always existed,” which is an equally absurd claim), and that life was able to arise naturally from non-living matter with no supernatural intervention, with no proof whatsoever that either of these things are even possible.”

        You can’t tell me what I do, sweetcakes. You invented that tripe out of thin air. Science has shown quite frequently that most happenings are reactions to other happenings. We don’t know if the chicken came before the egg or vice versa. We don’t pretend to.

        “I prefer the most rational conclusion that these things are the result of supernatural intervention and therefore do not need to be (and cannot be) explained by natural processes.”

        Then how can “these things” be explained by natural men? Men obviously cannot communicate with your “supernatural intervention” (Wow, you’ve gotten far away from your Christianity with this metaphysical banter. Awesome!), so why lie about it? It’s political. I’m just not into that. If you want to say that I’m taking a courageous leap of faith by abstaining from group mental masturbation, thank you kindly.

        “My leap of faith largely comes in with the question of how God came into existence, a question which I nor anyone else can answer, just like no one can answer how matter came into existence or how non-living matter became living, despite the best attempts at explaining the latter (i.e. the Miller-Urey experiment).”

        In other words, you don’t even buy this crud. Atheist. 😉

        “I don’t think I can make it much clearer without directly repeating myself, I look forward to your next condescending and unrelated response :)”

        Goddamned right you do. You’ve got a mega crush on me. It’s flattering but it’s really weird and I think you had better cool it.

  100. Tom says:

    I’d like to point out that the greatest commandment is to love God and love each other, being a christian is to be as Christ-like as you can (as cheesy as that sounds) but with it comes the acceptance that you can never be perfect and God knows that. Some people think that judgment of other people is a way to help them, unfortunately these people call themselves Christians, they can’t see that it isn’t Christ-like at all, how is shouting judgment loving each other? I also believe that everyone’s faith is individual, so the blanket term “christian” is unfortunate (but i realise is necessary). I believe in God, not because someone else told me to – but because i personally believe that he has helped me become a better person, but i can’t lecture someone into believing the same thing because they haven’t had the same experience as me, all i can do is humbly live as much like Jesus as i can and acknowledging when i get it wrong. I also can’t pretend to know it all, many people much more intelligent than me have debated over this for years and haven’t come up with an answer, all i know is that the christian me is a much better person than the non-christian me was and that’s a result of what Jesus said. So “Christians”, be Christ-like and show compassion and maybe people will see that being a Christian isn’t about judging others, more about trying to share love just as Jesus did. (and trying not so sound like a hippy in the process)

    • Cal Jennings says:

      I’ll second that.

    • Alex says:

      That’s not really in the bible though. None of the commandments are “love God and love each other”. Thats new-agey Christian crap where they tell you how to live and slap Jesus’s name on the front so you’ll do it. Me? I’m an atheist, but am still a good person. I’m a good person because the way you treat the people around you is recipricated in societies treatment of you. I’m sure if you thought hard enough about it, you’d realise that’s why you’re a good person too, and the whole “love eachother for God’s sake” thing is just incidental.

      • Cal Jennings says:

        Jesus’ words:

        Mark 12:30-31 (New International Version)
        Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

    • Tamara says:

      I don’t know why you need an invisible friend to tell you to be nice. It’s a crutch.

      • Tom says:

        Ok I made it sound a bit airy-fairy, it’s not really just about being nice to people, it’s more that Jesus defeated death (ie sin) so that we can have everlasting life free from guilt, it’s hard to grasp unless you’ve felt it yourself. There’s always going to be an element of faith needed, if there wasn’t then everyone would be a Christian and there’d be no free will, I myself am amazed at the faith needed to be an atheist – to believe we, the universe and the relationships we have with each other are accidental and meaningless rather than created by a loving God must surely require more faith. For me the more science reveals the more I’m amazed and grateful for what God’s created. Heb 11:1 “faith is the confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see”. So if you are an athiest that is a good person, we’re not that different, only that I have the faith to believe there is a purpose to this life – love God with everything you have, and treat people as you’d like to be treated.

      • Tamara says:

        You seem like a nice person who tries to be understanding of others, and I appreciate that. I just want to address a couple of things you said.

        Atheists don’t think that the relationships we have with each other are accidental or meaningless. Science doesn’t support that either. It may rule out certain mythologies based on physical evidence, but it is widely recognized that we simply do not have enough information at this time to claim that we know why existing happens.

        The point though, is that we’re still searching. To me, trying to advance human kind is a great purpose. We’re not meaningless simply because we’re so small and unknowing in a great big universe. The fact that we exist and have individual consciousnesses, and happen to have all of the necessary elements that comprise a life sustaining ecosystem, makes us very special indeed.

        I am not afraid of the unknown. I take great comfort in knowing that I have not settled for something that doesn’t make sense to me. I have not succumbed to stifling conformity. I have a great purpose. My purpose is love, and striving to leave the earth and its earthlings in better condition than it was in when I was born into it.

        It may seem scary to some to choose something other than pleasing a God as a purpose, but it’s far less frightening than what Christians put themselves through. There is nothing indecisive about atheism. I have no fear, only wonder and the joy of being.

  101. Heather says:

    Sheesh, this is the most discouraging thread of comments–and, since I can’t seem to be able to stop them from harassing me in the privacy of my own emails (if anyone knows a way to stop follow-up comments from coming in after the fact, PLEASE let me know–I’ve contacted support for help, and hopefully this will soon be put to rest) I might as well respond. I find the lack of respect and some of the very crude responses disturbing, really–and kind of bordering on ridiculous, actually.

    As an atheist person, I will discard what has been disproved.

    Actually, nothing in the Bible has been disproved, and I challenge you to show me where you’re getting your erroneous information–specifics, please. Surely, you have studied this to great length, since you seem to have all the answers.

    There has not been a scientific experiment or an archeological finding — ever — to contradict anything in scripture. Many have made unsubstantiated claims that they have, which have proved to be false. You can’t stop idiotic people from being loud and obnoxious, but you don’t have to let them build a nest in your hair. Oh, wait! I made that one up, sorry.

    In fact, archeology has done more in the last century to validate much in scripture that once was considered myth. If you honestly care to investigate it there are a plethora of books and articles on it, go for it, and then jump to your own conclusions without injuring anyone else in the process. If you’re intent on continuing to mock and harass–your loss (and pain to a lot of innocent bystanders along the way).

    Don’t settle for some shaky guess work written by people who lived without electricity and thought that the earth was flat.

    **here’s where I interject a little laughter–ha ha ha ha ha ha! Sorry–can’t see what lack of electricity has to do with intelligence. So, what?? What???? How did electricity get invented without having it, then? lol–you might call that a ‘circular argument.’ Get it? Oh, come on–you started it.

    Even in Biblical times people knew the earth was round–and, that, without modern day scientific conveniences (or electricity, I might add). According to Jeffrey Burton Russell (a professor of history at the University of California in Santa Barbara) through antiquity and up to the time of Columbus, “nearly unanimous scholarly opinion pronounced the earth spherical.” The flat earth theory only came in after Darwinists tried to discredit the Bible.

    The Bible, itself, tells of a round earth:

    God sits above the circle of the earth, Isaiah 40:22

    Oh, and here’s something else I found in there:

    Even a fool is thought wise if he keeps silent, and discerning if he holds his tongue. Proverbs 17:28

    Yeah, I know–George Elliot, Abe Lincoln and Mark Twain? They got it from the Bible–go figure.

    • Tamara says:

      Wow. You’re upset, Heather. I’m sorry. 🙂

      Things in the bible have been disproved and also contradicted by the bible itself. You should watch “Religulous.” It exhibits a lot of the inconsistencies much better than I can. Likewise, as I consider myself to by generally amiable, if you suggest a movie to watch that highlights evidence of the science behind Christianity I will watch it with an open mind.

      As for my comment about the people who made up these stories when they thought the earth was flat, I did not make myself clear. See, Christianity is based on borrowed mythology. Fragments of bible stories (as told to support other various religions and deities of different names) go way back before the innovation of awareness of a round earth. I was also just drawing a parallel regarding man’s penchant for inventing an answer when none exists until the invented answer is disproved. Somehow Christianity stuck around, even after it was debunked over and over and over. So I guess you lucked out! It’s enough to give you peace, right?

      Don’t be so grumpy. I’m just encouraging you to be brave and break out of the box you’re in. If you’re comfy in it, however, I’m not mad at you.

      Peace. 🙂

      • Heather says:

        Tamara–whoever you are–with all sincerity of heart, I have no intention of carrying on with whatever game you’re playing. Not upset, I actually feel at peace for responding–and now I’m just going to move on, and delete future comments that come in before reading.

        You take care 🙂 . Life is too good to waste it in back alleys in scuffles over words that only cause strife and stir up anger.

      • Natalie says:

        Sorry for commenting again! Just saw the post and thought I’d suggest something to read.
        Lee Strobel is a former atheist and journalist. He set out to prove Christianity wrong and through his research became a believer. He has tons of books. The main was is the Case for Christ.
        Read it and let me know what you think.

    • Tamara says:

      Regarding the ten commandments..

      Bill Maher: But it’s not really a wise list of the ten. The first four are about just worshiping God, and, basically, a jealous god. And he doesn’t want you to have any other gods. The only two that are really laws are: don’t steal and don’t kill. Why is this the wisest group of ten that doesn’t include child abuse; it doesn’t include don’t torture; it doesn’t include a lot of things, rape, that, I think, if I were making a list today, we would probably include.
      Mark Pryor: [Arkansas’ Democratic Senator] Society is so different today. Our society is so radically different…
      Bill Maher: And that’s what I’m asking. We’re in a different culture. Can you think of anything else that we still cleave to from the Bronze Age?
      Mark Pryor: Well…

    • Tamara says:

      Mental illness.

      Bill Maher: [in a deleted scene on the DVD] No, it is not a surprise that a person would want to be a prophet. What’s ridiculous is that other people let him. It’s just too easy to start a religion. All you have to do is: A. think up some really powerful stupid shit. Some stuff that is so idiotic and weird that a person who believes it will be proving that ultimate virtue of faith; B. throw in some entitlements like life after death, washing away sins and free dental or whatever; and, C. wait. Just wait. Just say your bullshit and stick to it. Believe me, if you do that, if you just say it, they will come.

    • Tamara says:

      Bill Maher: The irony of religion is that because of its power to divert man to destructive courses, the world could actually come to an end. The plain fact is, religion must die for mankind to live. The hour is getting very late to be able to indulge in having in key decisions made by religious people. By irrationalists, by those who would steer the ship of state not by a compass, but by the equivalent of reading the entrails of a chicken. George Bush prayed a lot about Iraq, but he didn’t learn a lot about it. Faith means making a virtue out of not thinking. It’s nothing to brag about. And those who preach faith, and enable and elevate it are intellectual slaveholders, keeping mankind in a bondage to fantasy and nonsense that has spawned and justified so much lunacy and destruction. Religion is dangerous because it allows human beings who don’t have all the answers to think that they do. Most people would think it’s wonderful when someone says, “I’m willing, Lord! I’ll do whatever you want me to do!” Except that since there are no gods actually talking to us, that void is filled in by people with their own corruptions and limitations and agendas. And anyone who tells you they know, they just know what happens when you die, I promise you, you don’t. How can I be so sure? Because I don’t know, and you do not possess mental powers that I do not. The only appropriate attitude for man to have about the big questions is not the arrogant certitude that is the hallmark of religion, but doubt. Doubt is humble, and that’s what man needs to be, considering that human history is just a litany of getting shit dead wrong. This is why rational people, anti-religionists, must end their timidity and come out of the closet and assert themselves. And those who consider themselves only moderately religious really need to look in the mirror and realize that the solace and comfort that religion brings you actually comes at a terrible price. If you belonged to a political party or a social club that was tied to as much bigotry, misogyny, homophobia, violence, and sheer ignorance as religion is, you’d resign in protest. To do otherwise is to be an enabler, a mafia wife, for the true devils of extremism that draw their legitimacy from the billions of their fellow travelers. If the world does come to an end here, or wherever, or if it limps into the future, decimated by the effects of religion-inspired nuclear terrorism, let’s remember what the real problem was that we learned how to precipitate mass death before we got past the neurological disorder of wishing for it. That’s it. Grow up or die.

  102. Tamara says:

    When you quote me repeatedly in a rant about “discouraging” conversation, and you take my words out of context, correcting you is not game playing.

    You’re like…trolling me and stuff. I’m enjoying all of the intelligent conversation with the other people posting here. You’re flipping out like all of my comments have been centered on you. If you scroll around, I’m sure you’ll find that’s not the case.

    I am always refreshed to be greeted by the warm loving love of peaceful Christians in the morning. It must be because they are full of God’s love and so complete that they have no need to harass naysayers on comment boards that mock extremism.

    Err…wait.. what’s your motivation, man? Get right with Jesus. Praise amen!

  103. Tamara says:

    Bill Maher: You know, Scientologists…
    [sound of audience laughing]
    Bill Maher: And right, you’re like, “Oh, yeah, that’s some crazy shit. Okay.” Jesus with the virgin birth and the dove and the snake who talked in the garden, that’s cool. But the Scientologists, they’re the crazy ones.

  104. Erica says:

    @Tamara — You are my new favorite person. I’ve been raised as a Catholic, but it’s only been in the past 2 years or so that I’ve truly realized how ludicrous it all is. My degree in mathematics tells me that everything is provable. If it is not provable, it must not be true. I have seen nothing that proves the words of the Bible to me. Proof of resurrection, proof of physical miracles, proof of a god who is omnipresent and omnipotent…it just doesn’t exist. I may change my tune if provided with adequate evidence, but as of yet, I haven’t seen it.

    • Tamara says:

      Thank you, Erica, and wow on the mathematics degree! I’m a psychological sciences and graphic art student. I envy the math heroes.

      I’m really glad to know that you’ve shaken the religious shackles. That’s a huge leap of maturity. I was baptized Catholic myself, then raised as a non denominational Christian. At some point, I felt like Dorothy seeing the man behind the curtain. It’s all a bunch of smoke and mirrors; a kind of sick therapy for the hopelessly afraid.

      I thought reaching this awareness would be terrifying, but I feel better than I ever have. I think we’re headed for a new age.

  105. Linus says:

    The one with the little girls discussing witchcraft is actually referring to D&D

  106. Brad says:

    If your truth says that all truths are true if it is true for the individual, but my truth says your truth is a lie, is my truth still true?

    Truth is a 0 sum game… there can’t be multiple conflicting truths that still remain true. There can only be 1. For example, Christianity AND Buddhism can’t both be right.

    As for me I find my “religious shackles” to be quite comfortable when compared to my heavy faithless shackles. Shackled to living a life that was enslaved by selfish egotism and motivated by self-gain. Shackled to a life that mercilessly promoted cowardice and safety over courage and adventure. A life that considered my bank account to be my chief concern and the only reason for my vocation. Shackled to a life centered on me and the sick logic that fulfillment could come from within. Shackled to a world where evil is free to exist. Shackled to a world where I was a slave to my self and my mere “natural” aptities. No, with these “new shackles” I am able to experience full fulfillment and full humanity. Now I am able to find my true self in righteousness and in justice. Life is about love; that most irrational and illogical of things. It is about believing in something bigger than me and my own puny logic.

    I am quite free to accept and believe that there is a rational and scientific universe where things take place over millions of years and where science is true. Yet while doing so I am also free to believe in miracle, in the miraculous, and that most luxurious of thoughts; of meaning. But when I was in the “freedom” of unbelief, of cold logic without meaning, I was quite restricted from thinking about the later at all.

    The truth of the matter is, for me at least, that the very fact that Bill Maher cares enough to raise such a fuss about religion, to protect people from its “evils,” belays a sense that there IS meaning. If there was no God, no real “right” and no real “wrong” above what the majority population deems as its morals, then why does he bother to warn us about religion? Because there is value in human life? Because there is love for one another? These do not exist in a meaningless, godless universe do they? If there is one thing I envy about the atheists it is their lack of doubt; their surety on their position– that there is absolutely no God. What men and women of faith atheists are!

    I disagree with Erica… I think everything is indeed rather rationally disprovable. (I can’t prove that, and if I did then that point wouldn’t count for much then would it?) We can argue till we are blue in the face and we would not get anywhere. After logic we get into philosophy, and if we take philosophy deep enough we get theology. “The poet only asks to get his head into the heavens. It is the logician who seeks to get the heavens into his head. And it is his head that splits.” –G.K. Chesterson

    If I turn out to be wrong in following Christ and that there is no God then I will have still lived a life of adventure, of kindness, of compassion, of peace, of fulfillment, of righteousness, and of joy. And if I turn out to be right then what a glorious eternity awaits me! I like my odds.

    • Tamara says:

      Love and right and wrong absolutely happen without the presence of a God.

    • Alex says:

      “If I turn out to be wrong in following Christ and that there is no God then I will have still lived a life of adventure, of kindness, of compassion, of peace, of fulfillment, of righteousness, and of joy. And if I turn out to be right then what a glorious eternity awaits me! I like my odds.”

      So many Christians think that Pascal’s Wager is the answer to atheism; it’s not. Your odds aren’t nearly as good as you think they are. How many other religions out there have claimed to be the one true path to God? Countless. And each of them say that to follow any other religion means eternal damnation, or, atleast, not eternal bliss. I’d rather take my chances on being a good person for the sake of society, my friends and my family, and on the extremely mariginal chance that there is a higher power and an afterlife, assume that said higher power is rational enough to award decency, rather than blind faith.

    • Greg says:

      Brad, above you began with:
      “Truth is a 0 sum game… there can’t be multiple conflicting truths that still remain true. There can only be 1. For example, Christianity AND Buddhism can’t both be right.”

      This is an absurd argument. The tenets of Christianity are articles of faith, while the tenets of Buddhism are articles of harmony. You are asserting that faith and harmony cannot co-exist in the same universe.

      You should have said that faith and truth is a zero sum game. Faith is the active belief in something without supporting evidence and sometimes in the presence of contrary evidence, while truth requires overwhelming evidence. You may have faith that something is truth, but once truth is established, faith does not exist by definition.

    • Natalie says:

      Well said!
      Time will tell what is true to those who disbelieve.

  107. the older men one isn’t religious. Its about sugar daddies having unprotected sex with minors.

  108. Safora says:

    All you have to do is Google “Jesus” to see thousands of images of Anti-Christian, ignorant, intolerant, selfish, hateful, disgusting, closed-minded, propaganda posted by the same people who are supposedly open minded and tolerant and who are “outraged” by the “ignorance” represented in these images.

    You find THIS ignorant but you find THOSE funny? Get rid of your hypocritical double standards.

    I’m not saying these images represent my beliefs, but I am a Christian and I am SICK and TIRED of people who claim to hate stereotype and discrimination HATING me for what I believe and branding me all types of ugly labels for a cheap kick or an inflation of their wanna-be humble ego.
    Get off your high freaking horse and go do something good in the world instead of sitting on your computer whining about Christians and boxing everyone into the same categories.

    Sometimes the people who claim to be the most tolerant are the most disgusting intolerant trolls in the world.

    • Alex says:

      No-one tolerated scientology, why should anyone tolerate Christianity? The size of the cult doesn’t make it more immune to criticism and skepiticism. Infact, it should make it less, as larger cults are far more likely to do harm (and in Christianities case, that ship has already sailed).

  109. Brad says:

    Well, I think Pascal’s Wager was a way of showing that faith is not simply a matter of estimating the probability that God exists. There are certain votes from which it is impossible to abstain. For example, if you decide to put off a decision about getting in shape, your body will decide for you. So it is when it comes to God. Evidence alone cannot clearly indicate that God does or does not exist. However, we must choose whether we will seek him. Not to choose is its own choice. God either exists or he does not, there is no third option. “Everyone believes, for there is no other way to live. Even those who say they know, that they have no need of belief or faith, are throwing the dice. They are just throwing harder than most.” We all have skin in the game.

    I wasn’t born a Christian, I started off as a bit of a deist, but when I got to college I was approached and authentically cared for and invested in by these curious people known as Christians. I was invited to study what they called truth alongside them. While I admit I do not have proper knowledge or exposure to other world religions, I do have proper exposure to faithlessness. I realized that I had to roll the dice… that I was already rolling the dice! My choosing Christianity is out of my seeing its authenticity, the strength of character of its followers and the realization that the way of Jesus is absolutely the best thing for the world (The images above drove me from Christianity for so long, but I came to realize that they hardly characterize what true Christianity looks like) I chose Christianity because I think it is the best. Other philosophies for man simply do not compete. I chose it because I have determined it to be the most humanitarian, the most just, and the most joyous way of living available to man. I consider its tenants truth. If I were truly merely concerned with what the “odds” were I would survey all of the religions and pick the one that has the worst Hell, so, if it were true that every religion has an equal chance of being the truth, and hence in the subsequently likely chance I would wind up in Hell, I could at least eliminate going to the worst Hell!

    “I’d rather take my chances on being a good person for the sake of society, my friends and my family…”

    That is precisely what I am doing! The best thing for society, and indeed for every man and woman on earth, is the teachings of Christianity. You would debate that, I feel, and all of those arguments are for another post! All of the starry-eyed liberal ideas and philosophies I held going into college, that I thought I held uniquely, and that “Church” people had absolutely no business with were, curiously, all already part of ancient orthodox Christianity, and then some! I discovered that the truly most progressive path was in fact behind us, in the past. We are only progressive if we are heading in the right direction. I wish I had the time to explain it all, and I wish I had the proper mental prowess to explain. The love offered in Christianity is quite compelling.

    “…and on the extremely mariginal chance that there is a higher power and an afterlife, assume that said higher power is rational enough to award decency, rather than blind faith.”

    In Christianity we realize that, even at our human best, we are dirty rags before the holiness of God, we are evil and we are selfish. No matter how good you think you are, you have sinned. God is holy and perfect, and can have no part in sin. He is a just and righteous God, and the only “good” and just thing for Him to do, the really only decent thing for Him to do is to destroy sin and evil. If we see a big business abusing its workers as chattel slavery the just thing to do is not to let that big business to continue to oppress its workers but to stop it, no matter how good or justified the big business may think it is in doing so, it is still wrong. In the same way, the only just thing for God to do is to stop sin, to stop us, no matter how “decent” we think we are. The fact is we aren’t decent, and a higher power will most certainly not reward people like us, not a one of us. In Christianity we realize we cannot save ourselves. The only reason we can be saved is because of the grace, the forgiveness for being evil, extended to us by God through his son Christ Jesus. We think we deserve forgiveness, we think it is in fact OWED to us. Christianity is humble enough to realize that we are crappy people, and that we cannot save ourselves and we realize that we don’t even deserve to be saved. A divine and perfect higher power owes us NOTHING; it chooses to forgive us out of that wacky irrational thing called love. Christianity is the recognition, honoring, and assent to that perfect love.

    The fact of the matter, though, is that nobody was ever argued into following Christianity; you rather have to feel it for yourself. To be loved so deep, deeper than skin, flesh, and bones; to have your soul awakened is something you cannot experience from reading. My point in writing this isn’t to logically convince you to follow God, for I trust that the few folks I am corresponding with here have already made up their mind as I have made up mine, but it is rather to inform you, in some insignificant and tiny way, that it is OK to check out Christianity, and indeed, to experience it first-hand is the only way to understand it. I write this long of a post, partly because of my selfish pride of wanting to be listened to I am sure, but mostly because I care about you folks and anybody else who might be reading. I repeat, the images above are not representative of real Christianity!

    And Greg, that honestly went over my head brother, haha, and I am not so sure that I grasp it. I merely meant to say there that all religions that have conflicting claims cannot at the same time all be right. If someone claims that there is no exclusive truth that any one religion holds, that claim in itself is a claim to an exclusive truth, because you are calling the truth of another, that there is only one truth, wrong, and your truth true. Ugh, that is all a messy business!

    • Tamara says:

      Ahaha. Wow! You’re a scary person, Brad. There are only two answers and one is your singular male God? Hahaha. There are infinite answers. You have picked yours and it makes absolutely no sense. You still haven’t highlighted what makes it good for anything. Why is faith in your God good? If your answer is, “It’s less scary than the unknown,” you’re a coward and a moron. I will go boldly into the unknown to seek what is real. We’re too small to see the giant picture. If I’ve never met or spoken with God, neither have you. Your bizarre guessing game holds less and less weight in the modern world. There’s too much information to pin it down to one space God that someone invented from imagination. Imagination is wonderful but sheesh! How can you be content with picking one guess out of billions? A guess with, at best, very shaky logic and obvious contradictions.

      An atheist does not just NOT choose your silly dumbass God. The universe is open to us. We have more freedom than a brainwashed freak like you will ever understand.

  110. EvilGod says:

    The last one, the one referring to the grouchy Atheists, is unfortunately not a parody. It was produced by Objective Ministries [ http://objectiveministries.org/kidz/ ] and is meant to be taken seriously. Believe it or not.

  111. Dan says:

    I Love you

  112. Brad says:

    Quick to passionate words are we Tamara? I did not mean to evoke a response that included being called a “brainwashed freak,” but I suppose that is how it goes; people have been arguing about the meaning of life for millennia haven’t they?

    As I have explained, the reason I choose to believe in God, in the God of Christianity is because I have found it to be the most morally upright, most just, most joyous, most humanitarian, most fulfilling, and generally the most convincing set of logic (as far as logic can take us in any one direction) that I think can be conceived of. If you want me to explain that further, I will upon request. Also, I don’t generally hold God to be merely a “male.”

    A world apart from meaning and love is certainly a scary thought, but merely because that is a scary thought does not, I think, make me any less courageous or moronic than you. Is the atheist more courageous than I because the atheist chooses to believe in a life free of eternal consequence? Because the atheist chooses not to assent to the possibility of accountability of right and wrong and instead chooses a drab and dull life of relativity and the boring and meek acceptance that there is only a physical world? I disagree with you; I think it is the religious who are the courageous here. I choose a world where I do what is right, where I must do what is right, where I seek to pursue justice and virtue always; it has consequence and it has meaning. Steering myself clear of immorality, of apathy, of the status-quo, and of hopelessness has been quite the whirling adventure. No, accepting the bleak world of what you call the “giant picture” is cowardice, not even choosing one of what you call “billions” is cowardice; staying neutral is cowardice (though neutrality is a choice in itself). Why should the size of the amount of possibilities or the vastness of the universe force man to surrender his spiritual dogma or beliefs? Why should I cave to vastness? Wouldn’t that be cowardice? There is an infinity of angles at which one can fall, and lay prostrate, but only one angle at which one stands. I am courageous enough to think that I am standing.

    It is funny that your giant picture of a universe in all of its billions of options does not include eternity or divinity, and hence does not include love, soul, spirit, meaning, beauty, forgiveness, justice, good or evil. It does not include anything really interesting. It includes nothing but space dust. Saying that the physical universe is “big” is like telling me, if I were a prisoner (and I would be in such a universe) that I should have the pleasure of knowing that the jail I am occupying now spans over half of the country. I have nothing to look forward to but more corridors of hopelessness. The atheist does not have freedom in their tiny conception of “the big picture.” All the atheist has is a few short years of walking around as a few pieces of carbon. You may keep that open universe.

    And please, no more hard feelings, that is not what I am after here. This is good, intelligent conversation.

    • Tamara says:

      I do not believe in a life without consequence. Far from it. I believe that this is the only life, which makes it precious to me. It makes it so important for me to try to get it right. Acting immorally WOULD have consequences for me, an atheist, not only legal ones, but ones that may include a wasted life. Wasting my life is totally unacceptable because I don’t believe in an afterlife. You completely do not understand atheism if you think atheists are atheists so they can “sin” all they want.

      Your religion is the one without consequence. A person can “sin” all they want and ask for forgiveness and get into heaven. Easy peezy. People can also perform absolutely any horrendous act and excuse it away by claiming they were doing it to serve the Christian lord. Like murder. Take the military for example: God bless America and support our troops as they KILL people, oh and thou shalt not kill, but it’s for God right? So it’s ok.

      My life isn’t dull, drab or boring. A life of exploration and learning could never be as you described it. You keep insisting that atheists have chosen some truth that doesn’t allow for possibility. That is false. We know that the universe is HUGE. We don’t know how big it is and neither do you. We don’t know what forces may have led to the creation of anything and neither do you. That doesn’t mean nothing ever happened to cause the chain of events that led us into being. An atheist would never believe in something so stupid.

      Also, you call me meek? That’s fine. Go ahead, but it’s your God who was supposedly quoted, or paraphrased or whatever happens with prophets, as saying only the meek will be allowed into heaven. So by your standards, that’s some kind of a compliment. You sound so confused I don’t know what to do with your jumble of text.

      “Why should I cave to vastness?” Don’t worry. You won’t because you can’t handle it. You need your security blanket. I’m not the one holding on to an invisible hand to guide me through. You’re delusional. I have real friendships with people who are caring, and warm, and aware. Not some group of cult members cowering before a vengeful God.

      “It is funny that your giant picture of a universe in all of its billions of options does not include eternity or divinity, and hence does not include love, soul, spirit, meaning, beauty, forgiveness, justice, good or evil.”

      Um… what? You’re bonkers, man. You think that people born into cultures who have never heard of God don’t feel love, meaning, or forgiveness? Who are you trying to convince? Me or you? Only Christians can love? Really? You need an invisible space God in order to be a good person? You would be evil without that? If that’s the case, you’re the sicko.

      “No more hard feelings,” as you blast me with lies and slander about the simple science of the universe. Just a reminder, I was here joking with atheist pals about extremism. You post here because… I don’t know why. To fight for Christianity? To tell atheists how immoral we are? You won’t win any arguments here acting like Carrie White’s mom.

      “Corridors of hopelessness”

      It sounds like you’re terrified of atheism. It sounds like you’ve given it a great deal of thought and you’ve judged the universe a deep and endless abyss of horror and nothing.

      I see it in a completely different way. I do have hope. My hope is that people who actually want to further what science can do, continue to make advances. Technology keeps extending lifespans, extending space travel and finding ways to bend dimensional space (atheists believe in more than one dimension, shocking I know). People like you try to slow it down, gum up the works, but you’ll fail. Your way of life is ending, dinosaur, but no hard feelings. 😉

      If you hate atheists so much, why are you looking to get warm fuzzies from me? Go cuddle your God and see if he cuddles back.

  113. Just a quote for everyone –

    For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don’t believe, no proof is possible. ~ Stuart Chase

    I am a Christian – I am not closed minded.

    You can love which ever God you choose. You can sleep with whom ever you choose, as long as it is not hurting a child or unconsensual. You can eat or not eat animals. You can smoke or not smoke (but don’t do it in a closed room with me). I think it is more important to have a belief and something to “guide” your life than you must believe what I believe. I think it is important to learn and ask questions from one another as we really are more alike than different.

    One day we will all end up in our own “heaven” or “hell” and I happen to think heaven is probably a little more like earth than most of us believe. The Vikings believed in Valhalla – which in my education seems a little like heaven. I hope to one day meet some of my “relatives” and I’m hoping my heaven allows me to visit other peoples heavens. Every belief has some where we end up at the end of our lives, even if it is just as worm food.

    • CherryBomb says:

      I agree.

      My guiding principles in life are don’t hurt myself and don’t hurt others. As long as I can adhere to that then I’m fine.

      My belief in God is purely to do with the “what if”.

      The way I see it is a delicious mystery which our minds can’t quite decipher.
      Maybe in time when we’ve evolved a bit more we’ll understand more about life and this thing called ‘race’ we appear to be competing in.

      Until then, I love what I call my ‘God thing’. It’s helped me in ways that have left me shaking my head in wonder.

      At the end of the day, God works for me and who knows, in a literal way that may well be true.

      We all have our ideas about God whether s/he/it exists.

      But I believe that if you’re interested and if you can find your way through the maze of theories and opinions to something that is utterly simple yet beautifully impossible in its existence, then regardless of what anyone says, it simply won’t matter.

      You will have found ‘your God’ and it will be both personal and real. Not something that mere words can describe. It will be a feeling; a secret knowledge if you like.

      And you’ll find (as I’ve found) that there’s no point trying to tell people about it. It doesn’t matter how articulate you are; trying to capture a feeling of magic in words is futile. You have to feel it know.

      Bit like the Buddhist principle on enlightenment.

      But you know what, at the end of our journey we will know once and for all whatever there is to know.

      Until then, if God works for you so be it.

      It the notion of a God is too far-fetched then so be it.

      Life can be short so be happy. Find whatever it is that works for you and as long as you’re not hurting anyone (yourself included) then hopefully you too will be fine.

      • Well said. We should be on this earth to make it better and support and love one another. Not put each other down for what we believe or don’t believe.

        I wish each and all of you a great week!

        And really if you are not happy about something, anything, your job, the country/city/town/village you live in, your marital status, your gender, your spiritual beliefs, your sexuality, your social status, or just your life in general… do something about it. Move to a “better” country, have a sex change operation, find God, Buddah, Allah, Thor (God of Thunder), get a new job… make the changes you need to make you happy so you no longer continue to hate on those that are not like you. 🙂

  114. Mick B says:

    Every Christian I have met has been a tolerant, decent person. But I live in England, not in the backwards, weirdo world of the USA.

    Over there, it seems that Christianity = guns, racism and angry people screaming on the TV demanding money for their ‘church’.

    That’s why all the images above are from the USA. The most backward ‘developed’ country on the planet.

    Burger, fries, 32oz coke, pie, gun and a bible please – cos I’m an American!


    • Tamara says:

      The morons are the loudest, Mick. Not all Americans are like that though. I’m a vegetarian. I never drink coke. I do like occasional pie, but it is a rare thing. I exercise every day and I hate guns. Still, I consider moving out of this country.

  115. bobby blue says:

    what fun! Ask a Christian who hates gays exactly what Jesus said about gays, and you will get a blank stare. Ask a Christian to sell you his daughter, and they will get mad. Both prove that most Christians, cannot walk the walk- they will judge and hate and try to force their dogma on others, and totally ignore what Jesus told them to do. They’ll holler “God said” at the top of their lungs, even though what they claim “God said”, if directly opposed to what Jesus said. And if that ain’t anti Christian, I don’t know what is.

    But here’s an OT idea – religion is the politics of spirituality. Think about it- you can have your super duper sky / earth buddy or buddies, give him / her or them any name you choose, or not give them a name, who cares, just believes that it exists, and after that, the rest is politics. But the bottom line is believe what you want to, just keep it to yourself, and do good and be good to your fellow man while you are here on earth.

    But those comics are a hoot! All products of ideological, self deluded, non – reasoning, and downright stupid minds… No wonder so many kids see right through that stuff and leave their religion as soon as they can…

  116. Random Person says:

    Wheeee! look at how far down I am!

    Hilarious post and to all the Christians that are trolling, Frankly my idiot I don’t give a damn.

  117. Brad says:

    I suppose we just have irreconcilable differences here on the matter of “meaning” in life. It would seem that you think this life somehow has less meaning if there is an afterlife and I think that is has less meaning if there is no afterlife. I reckon I just don’t understand how there can be meaning without consequence. I can see how you would think your life could be wasted if you lived it wrong, for that is your only life; it is a one shot thing that does indeed give our few years here some gravity. But here we are again; I think it has a lot of gravity precisely because it has eternal consequence, and you think so precisely because it doesn’t. I just can’t see how, at the end of life, in a merely physical universe, you could have wasted or not wasted your life. If you just plainly cease to exist what will it have mattered if you were “moral” or not? You could have been a crazed serial killer and at the end it wouldn’t be a bit different as if you were Mother Teresa. The serial killer wouldn’t have “wasted” his life if he felt completely validated in doing what he did, just as you feel completely validated in being a good person. Sure family and friends would remember you one way or another, but they too will become only dust. To me it seems that there can’t be meaning unless there is someone to mean it. But I know, you disagree; I think we could argue till we are blue in the face (er, blue in the fingers?) and we wouldn’t convince each other one way or the other.

    It is true that somebody could have committed some horrendous act of sin in the past, murder or genocide even, and still be forgiven for his sins. Christianity comes like a battle-axe separating the crime from the criminal, the sin from the sinner. No matter what she or he has done, they are still valuable in the eyes of God and of God’s people. There is ultimate forgiveness and there is nothing that he or she could do to invalidate that forgiveness. However, we do not has license to continue to sin if we have accepted Jesus. Like I said earlier, Christianity is the assent to and honoring of the perfect love of God. If we continue to sin we are not honoring Him and have not truly accepted Him in our heart. If a professed “Christian” goes around committing horrendous acts willy-nilly then he is probably not truly a Christian. However, it is also true that if we screw up and do sin (as is our nature), we can still seek repentance and forgiveness (as long as we are trying, if you will). And on your example of the military; killing is a repulsive thing and this war is an absolute sham and an abomination if you ask me. It is exactly these “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition” types that I just referred to as not having the Love of God in their hearts. There are misguided Christians by the droves just as there are misguided anything else.

    It just seems boring to me because in that view the physical world is all that there is. I have room for all the miracles of science and exploration, but also I have room for the possibility of infinity, beauty, and morality that has meaning and challenge. The humanities like sociology, government, literature, and art become just as expansive and exciting as the hard sciences when everything has meaning. Exploring science and creation is exciting enough for many lifetimes, but there is so much more to it all than that.

    I suppose was wrong in using the word meek. Meek denotes gentleness and humility, which is a term I admit neither of us can claim at the present moment.

    I repeat, is upholding my beliefs caving in? Is relinquishing my position that I believe to be right to an easy to understand belief that there is nothing caving in? It isn’t a “security blanket,” it is wisdom. And what more, the relationships you form with other people as a Christian are unbeatable. Every person is infinitely beautiful and wonderfully unique. The most important person in the relationship is never yourself; it is the other. Christian community is such a deep and beautiful thing I dare not try to do it justice here.

    I was incorrect if I made it to sound like Christians were the first to invent or experience love or forgiveness (and reading back, I did make it sound like that, I apologize). They were not; these things were present in the world already as there was a God before Christianity. But I will contend that Christianity realizes the full potential and beauty of both.

    I am here writing this because I would like to do my part to dispel notions that this simple extremism is all that exists in Christianity. That is what drove me from it for so long. Now that I have tasted its infinite depth and joy there is no going back, and I am going to try my hardest to maybe inspire a passer-by reader to look into it. If I have something that I think is such a gift, and that those who don’t have it are missing out in the darkness, how dare I keep my mouth shut? How cruel would I be to not share it? If you have a right to blast people with lies and slander about Christianity I have every right to blast back. I’m sorry if I’ve bothered you; you did not have to respond, but it is good that you did.

    If your hope is in the material world, what science can do, how long we can live, and how far we can get into space (all incredibly neat things) then you have poor hopes indeed. If the simple things do not matter most; purity, justice, love, morality, beauty, and the forgotten of this world, and these things are neglected in the name of progress then hope is dead. “Advances” mean nothing without our humanity. The truth will always be around and I will love you to the end.

    I don’t hate atheists! I love them like I love everybody and that is precisely why I am posting on this forum. And God loves back like you wouldn’t believe. Bring on the flaming darts!

  118. idk says:

    That poster with all the apostrophes says “catholic’s” isn’t it supposed to be christian propaganda?

  119. idk says:

    I’m christian, but i still find these funny.

  120. Michelle says:

    On behalf of all of these crazy “Christians” I would like to say…

    I am so sorry.

    As a Christian, you dont know how sad it makes me that there are people out there like this. Seriously. This is NOT at ALL what God wants us to be like. God would never be this rude or ridiculous.

  121. I don’t think all the examples are legitimate, but I do see your point. It is sad that Christianity relies on these sort of tactics to try and bring people to Jesus.

  122. Actually the Objective Ministries one isn’t a parody at all. These idiots are serious. Follow that link and check out the game reviews.

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  124. afcles says:

    its all crap there is no god wake up and smell the coffee

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  126. texshelters says:

    That’s some amazing finds PJ.

    Have you seen the little pocket sized tracts such as “The Bully” that have been handed out by the JW’s in the recent past?

    Tex Shelters

  127. Kyle says:

    “When a man stops believing in God he doesn’t believe in nothing, he believes in anything.”

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