Tweets From Batman

Batman cape caught in revolving door at Neiman-Marcus. Waiting for security.

Batman RT @Riddler Riddle me this: What are the chilliest 12 inches in he world? // Help followers! Gotham City is in peril!

Batman omfg final episode of LOST you guys!

Batman for sale: Bowflex and elliptical. Doing P90X so don’t need anymore. Message me if interested.

Batman @CommissionerGordon saw the Bat Signal. On my way, but caught in traffic.

Batman just bought more stock in Wayne Enterprises. You should too!

Batman purple pants? Look at this fucking hipster.

Batman getting hungry waiting for @Joker. You think Pizza Hut delivers to abandoned warehouse? LOL.

Batman @Riddler Cold Feet!

Batman Blacberty keypwd and kevlor glovez dun’t mix


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11 Responses to Tweets From Batman

  1. D. says:

    “Batman Blacberty keypwd and kevlor glovez dun’t mix”

    almost pissed myself!!! hahahahahahaha

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  3. Mirza says:

    DUDE YOU ARE THE KING!!!! Your blog is the most funniest one I have EVER read!!! Seriously I am going to ‘like’ every single page of your blog! That is how awesome it is! Keep it up.

  4. QueenPinky says:

    LMAO as usual. Batman is my fav so this was right on!

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  6. This is interesting article. I haven’t considered the batman can use Twitter. Is there any superman who use Twitter as well?

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