14 Hilarious Talk Show Screen Grabs

Television shows like Maury Povich, Sally Jessie Raphael and Tyra Banks operate under the guise that they are “helping” the motley crew of guests they invite to take part on their shows. However, as with all television, it’s more about ratings than it is about helping some poor woman get over her unconventional fear of cotton balls. Whether it’s a crazy guest, ridiculous stunt or just plain humorous caption, here are 14 hilarious talk show screen grabs:

This seems like a healthy way to help someone get over a phobia.

Again, not exactly a scientifically proven method for recovery. (image source)

Well, that’s what you get when you mess with the queen. (image source)

Ladies, something tells me Darren’s still single. Do yourself a favor and find his profile on Match.com.

I’m told they’re actually quite funny.

I’ll let this one speak for itself.

I wonder where Shaun is now. Probably behind the counter of a 7-Eleven.

I’m guessing the test was not a match. (image source)

Later in the interview, he goes onto to call cocaine “bodacious,” “ridiculous good,” “better than sex,” “crispity crunchity” and “radtacular.”

Thank goodness MSNBC is bold enough to cover such hot-button issues.

You go girls!

Not even actual educational shows are immune to unintended hilarity. This guy is officially my new hero. (image source)

Gary has a face you can trust. (image source)

Now that’s a platform I can get behind. Judging by his stance on global warming, I’m guessing Abbath is replacing Ralph Nader as the new leader of the Green Party. (image source)


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18 Responses to 14 Hilarious Talk Show Screen Grabs

  1. Funnyside says:

    Hilarious. I think drama-free Darren’s my favourite.

  2. Lola says:

    is it bad that i’ve actually seen a few of these episodes? i feel like a terrible person now.

  3. Heather says:

    I have to admit, I’ve never watched these things–but have heard about them, and once saw a snippet of a heated episode on youtube. Still had a good laugh, though. You gotta wonder where we’re all headed when cotton ball phobias and ants wreaking havoc warrant world wide attention.

  4. So how does someone become allergic to cotton balls…and why is a giant cotton ball growing on that psychic’s head?

    • Anominous says:

      I think it is a muffler so he can filter out all the extraneous thoughts he is constantly bombarded with, otherwise he would go insane.

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  7. Alberto says:

    Hahaha! My top 3 are the woman who was attacked by ants, Darren and his drama-free relationship search, and Capt. Hyman Shocker. I actually saw that Maury Povich episode with the chicken. There was nothing on TV, I swear!

  8. lvleph says:

    Hey, there is nothing wrong with GWAR. GWAR rocks!

  9. hahaha says:

    Capt. Hymen Shocker is my favorite one, rofl, that’s funny x)

  10. Tom says:

    I’d vote for Abbath!

  11. Beavis says:

    Hehe Hehe Hehe Hehe
    Gwar kicks ass!
    Hehe Hehe

  12. veronica says:

    umm yah…the girl obsessed with pooping is me…my friend actually found this website and posted it on my wall on facebook…this is hilarious! glad everyone can get such a laugh! and actually, im not obsessed with pooping, i just dont care about telling people when i do it 😉

    • Pleated Jeans says:

      ha! that’s awesome. So glad you can laugh along with the ridiculousness of it along with everyone else. thanks for the inside scoop.

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  14. GFYM says:

    I think the last 2 pics should have their texts reversed, so it would look like this:

    Gary Spivey, with the permafrost haircut, “vows to end global warming by covering the entire earth in permafrost”.

    Abbath, psychic medium, healer.

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