How Animals Spend A Typical Day (CHARTS)

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76 Responses to How Animals Spend A Typical Day (CHARTS)

  1. slamdunk says:

    Gold stuff. I should use the jellyfish chart for our upcoming beach trip.

  2. Hilarious. Do you have similar charts on how, say, Middle Managers spend the day?

  3. Those are some terribly interesting findings! I think I’m probably a combination between Lion and Elephant. Good choice I reckon. The Panda chart is very true, too. Everyone should find Pandas adorable. Maybe not to the stage where you kill one brutally before realising what it actually is like Ben Stiller in Tropic Thunder.

  4. Nick Lowery says:

    I love it but you forgot velociraptors, or perhaps you were afraid they would find out you’ve been watching them…

  5. shutterboo says:

    This made me smile. Love the charts.

  6. bluebonnetgirl says:

    Love this.

  7. izziedarling says:

    Thank you. Now I know I am a lioness (minus the gazelle part):)

  8. Rinatsu says:

    I love it. ;DDDD

  9. pennypudding says:

    Do you think that spiders spend more than .1% of their time telling farmers how terrific other animals are? I mean just cause Charlotte and Wilbur got all the publicity it doesn’t mean there aren’t others out there.

  10. Great! But don’t spiders also spend a lot of time scaring people like Miss Muffet?

  11. melanirae says:

    This is the best thing I have seen all day. But only because I’m a Panda Bear.

  12. Vesper de Vil says:


  13. wow.. absolutely loved this stuff.

  14. daisy says:

    I’m a spider, and I call assure you that we also spend a little time each day looking for places inside your house to build our webs.

  15. sitronsur says:

    LOVE IT!!! Love pandas!

  16. Mady says:

    So true…
    ~ mAdY 😀

  17. I like pandas too, woohoo!
    And I never knew that lions were really that lazy.
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    Get it now; free, fast, and easily! 🙂

  18. Do you use Excel to make all your charts?

    • Pleated Jeans says:

      I actually use a free online graph generator. it’s the first link that pops up in google when you search “pie chart generator”

  19. ramonakent says:

    Some days my schedule is the same as the elephants’…

  20. drahide says:

    I love it, it´s so funny and i love the charts

  21. ebookwisdom says:

    I prefer the lion overall.

  22. Breland Kent says:

    What a great blog, I really enjoyed reading 🙂

  23. cymast says:

    Luv this! A monkey cart would be interesting, I bet . .

  24. Nan says:

    Awww…. 🙂 🙂 This made my day, 😉

  25. Nan says:

    PS, have you thought about getting a Facebook button on here so it’s easy to share your posts with friends on facebook. Just a suggestion. If you’re anti-facebook or there is already a button that does that and I have failed to see it, just ignore this, 🙂

    • Pleated Jeans says:

      Great idea. Wish I could, but it’s hard to code the FB button when hosted by WordPress. I’ll look into it though.

  26. Pie says:

    Spiders suddenly scuttle across the floor from nowhere and scare. I’d put that at around 50%

  27. Andrea says:

    Cute LOL I love the Lions LOL and the gazelle what a fun post!

  28. cymast says:

    Or a monkey chart, either one . .

  29. What an adorable panda!

  30. I like this – very funny 🙂

  31. Betty says:

    Oh, dear lord, that’s great. I do, however, believe that 72% of a spider’s time is spent stalking humans. Paranoid? Perhaps.

  32. Heather says:

    Hahaha! Still laughing over the spider and jellfish charts.

  33. Jen Uy says:

    hahaha! that was tricky! I was too engrossed when things started to get phony. brilliant idea though! cheers!

  34. sheswilde says:

    You made me snicker out loud, that’s rare when it comes to me reading something d: thanks!

  35. jodie says:

    Very clever and well done. Cheers

  36. patawa says:

    this is great! i shall do my best to become a tiger… or an elephant… or a bear…

  37. eatingskinny says:

    absolutely adorable!

  38. bookjunkie says:

    super cute! I am half the tendencies of the lion and the other half is all elephant 😉

  39. MoSop says:

    I’m a cross between the Jelly Fish and the Panda – I can ruin your day, but I promise to do it adorably. 🙂

  40. natnoob says:

    This is really funny :)) love it

  41. vallaura says:

    not forgetting!! LOL!!

  42. Good stuff…. Do you have same data about Girls?

  43. shilpi says:


  44. JeigH_CeE says:

    this made me smile 😀

  45. Nice. Here’s some more animals going about their typical days, if you’re interested…

  46. Songbird says:

    aww- I love it!!! Put a smile on my face this morning!

  47. Dan Wade says:

    Ah bless, it’s funny because it’s true!

  48. jayantraj7 says: u have info. of some more animals?

    n ur a lucky one to be featured on freashly pressed

  49. mstatic says:

    aaw~~ cute and cuddly!!

  50. dallydd says:

    Soo funny! The elephant not forgetting made me crack up first. The rest followed 🙂

  51. DINA says:


  52. Sova says:

    oh I would like to see a chart for an owl! 🙂

  53. Ridiculous! Love the jellyfish bit.

  54. farooqsoomro says:

    haha. no wonder i never managed to get a single sight of lion in the zoo. stupid animal. always sleeping 😛

  55. qdlf says:

    Ahhh The Panda is cool 😀
    Thanks dude

  56. GraceKay says:

    Great post… It’s funny how animals have their own routines, our golden retriever has his day down to a science, it’s like clockwork. AND, he sleeps most of it.

  57. pyrit says:

    Very funny!
    Now I wonder what does polly wolly doodle all day?

  58. sallyfranson says:

    I can only conclude that my life would be a whole lot better and more restful if I were a panda bear. Here’s to low expectations!

  59. w.k. kortas says:

    Border collies spend the 95% of the day not devoted to herding cattle making charts. Anal-retentive bastards.

  60. jessica says:

    ahaha this is very funny. i was laughing through it all. ohhhh and this is so verrry true because pandas are adorable! i love it.

  61. Dino Miro says:

    Wonderful sight

  62. thecodger says:

    I had no idea that jellyfish are the sloths of the sea. That makes me dislike them even more.

  63. Moon says:

    What about cows???

  64. seethingiguana says:

    Thanks for the smile. Lol.

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