A Series of Facebook Updates Sent From the Bottomless Pit


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34 Responses to A Series of Facebook Updates Sent From the Bottomless Pit

  1. 79sparrows says:

    this was awesome


  2. Mirza says:

    hahahaha CAKE!! hahaha you rock man!

  3. Cara says:

    ha ha ha at&t doesn’t get full service anywhere, much less underground.

  4. Stuey says:

    Hahah that was brilliant!

  5. BrassMOnkey says:


  6. Nadine says:

    LOL! I love this!!! 😀

  7. Dave says:

    He’d never get the cake, not in a couple of days at least. The best he could hope for is the cake to reach him after a month or so – a cake’s terminal velocity exceeds his, but only marginally, so it would eventually reach him. Though, by that time, it’d be stale.

    Enjoy your stale cake, bat-lover.

    • Hallie says:

      The cake could reach him in a couple days, depending on if the person just dropped the cake in, or threw it with x amount of force. 9.86meterspersecondsquaredsquared is only the velocity of something when it’s dropped or falls without any force acting on it.

      • Poop Lover says:

        Yeah, but there still is a terminal velocity, which is really what matters, not the initial velocity.

    • ryan says:

      Not if he laid flat, that would slow him him down momentously, while the cake dropped like a rock!

    • Loki Laufeyjarson says:

      not if he has his new bat friends group together and help him slow his decent

  8. shobhan says:

    so much fun ha haaaaaaa……wall slime ……ha haa, cake… lol

  9. unknown kadath says:

    I haven’t laughed this hard in a long time. thank you..

  10. Amelia says:

    Omg I laughed so hard! I can’t tell if he’s trying to make light of the situation and that’s his way of dealing with it or he’s being really melodramatic, but it makes my day!

  11. Sergio says:

    hahahaha very nice, original and well executed.

    Wonder what happened next 😀

  12. Tyler H. says:

    Awesome posts! XD

    Except, the order in which WE read the posts is in the order opposite of how they were actually posted (i.e. the “CAKE!” post was actually posted before the “…Dropped a slice of cake in your pit. …” comment). So, it would look weird to other people who were watching these updates unfold. I guess it would’ve been funnier if they had actually been posted in the correct order.

    Just something that I noticed.

  13. hugh says:

    @ tyler h
    no it’s posted in the right order here! remember 12:17pm is afternoon, not night! and then he gets the cake at 11:10pm that night!

  14. sir jorge says:

    my facebook is not nearly as fun

  15. krustykut says:

    IMBA lol.

  16. Jadin says:

    i’m really confused!!! but either way he got the cake, that’s all that matters! 🙂

  17. GLaDOS says:

    The cake is a lie.

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  20. Caboodle says:

    For some reason I am tempted to call shenanigans, but i guess if it wasn’t for the bat engagement it would be believeable.

  21. Ryan says:

    some people have too much time on their hands lol

  22. Paige says:

    :)))) lmao

  23. ld5 says:

    best 😀

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