6 Ways to Make March Madness Fun if You’re Self-Employed

If you’re self-employed, then you likely don’t feel like you’re missing out too much on the corporate office environment. From cubicles and commutes to business casual and Betty, the overly perky lady in HR, it’s no wonder that the self-employed are happier with their occupation than any other job sector.

Go Huskies!

However, if you have the luxury of working at home alone, then you may be feeling a little left out as March Madness approaches. This annual event has become a favorite corporate pastime, with office pools and Final Four predictions helping to distract the nation’s workforce for the better part of two weeks.

Well, just because you work alone, that doesn’t mean you need to feel left out of the friendly competition. If you’re self-employed, join in the March Madness fun with these fun and simple tips:

1. Tired of competing against yourself every year? Increase the competition by getting your dogs or cats in on the action. Then, rub their noses in it when Texas A&M beats Purrr-due and BYU upsets the University of Pitts-bark (for added fun, dress your competition up in the team uniform of your choice).

2. No pets? Fill out two bracket sheets. Then, taunt yourself in the mirror when you start to beat yourself.

3. Make yourself feel better by inviting all your friends over to watch the first day of games on your big screen TV. Then, when they tell you the games start on Thursday and they have to work, pretend like this is news to you and say, “Oh yeah, that’s right. Sometimes I forget that some people don’t get to set their own hours or watch TV while they work from the couch.”

4. Conduct your long-distance conference calls in full face paint.

5. Turn off the TV and recreate the thrill of watching the games at the office by constantly refreshing the score listings on your favorite sports website. Also, pretend your kids are your boss so you can quickly click over to that spreadsheet every time they walk into the room.

6. Find an empty cubicle at a nearby office and set up shop for two weeks. While you’re there, pretend you’re a full-timer and slip your bracket picks into the office pool. For added fun, also pretend you have health benefits and a 401K.


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10 Responses to 6 Ways to Make March Madness Fun if You’re Self-Employed

  1. blackwatertown says:

    I like no.3
    I’m doing it this evening, but with a St Patrick’s Day twist. That’ is, tomorrow morning is flexible for some of us.

  2. mmaoracle says:

    self employed, and cat keeps walking over the keyboard? put smarties tubes on each of the cats legs, sit back and enjoy :p

  3. that’s good idea! i think that i need try it… :D>>>

    if you don’t mind, visit: http://anjlokbangetdech.wordpress.com

  4. Being UK-based the concept of March madness is new to me. However as a self-employed person I do appreciate the idea of taunting my office-based friends.
    There are several downsides to being self-employed such as unpredictable income, need for discipline, need to do the stuff I hate (filing). Those drawbacks are more than balanced by the sort of fun stuff that you have suggested in your excellent blog.

  5. Nice post! Like your style, checking out other posts now…

    PS I would prefer to conduct the logn distance conference call, with my cat in full facepaint. Sure to be a hit…

  6. mmaste13 says:

    HAHAHAHAHA number 4 is hilarious!!!

  7. Lambang says:

    nice information!

  8. No.4 is awesome, I used to do the same in corpse paint.

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  10. ariel says:

    nice one!

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