Alumni Newsletter for Nintendo Characters

Dear Alumni,

The 2010 year is well underway, and our esteemed Nintendo alumni continue to make a considerable impression in both the world of gaming and non-gaming world at large. News for the first quarter of 2010 can be found below. Thank you for your continued interest in old friends.

Alumni Chairman,

Blade ‘Bad Dudes‘ Marshall

Alumni Events

Thanks to all alumni who attended this year’s 25th anniversary reunion on Adventure Island. We had a record turnout this year, with alumni traveling from as far as Clu Clu Land to attend. Highlights of the event include:

  • Food provided courtesy of Peter Pepper’s BurgerTime restaurant
  • Awards ceremony – winners include Mr. and Ms. Pacman for “Longest Marriage,” Ice Climber for “Coolest Career,” and King Koopa for “Most Kids”
  • Alumni games (of both the California and Caveman variety)
  • DJ Dr. Light spinning all your favorite 8-bit hits

A special note: Bomberman asked the alumni committee to pass along an apology for not attending the reunion. Though he had planned to attend, he had difficulty getting through security at Planet Bomber Airport and missed his flight.

Alumni News

  • Dr. Mario has been promoted to the head of the cancer board at Johns Hopkins University Medical Center
  • King Hippo was wed this past week to fellow alumnus Soda Popinski in a small civil union held in Washington D.C.
  • Day Dreamin’ Davey is thinking about maybe possibly writing a book someday
  • Rash and Zitz are proud to announce they have finally made it through the bottomless pit level of Battletoads. They hope to be in Surf City by the end of this decade.
  • Skateboard shop owner Rodney Recloose has officially stopped skating. He died shortly after making the announcement

Faculty News

  • Professor Dig Dig has been named the new dean of Nintendo Public Affairs
  • Ninja Gaiden has been selected to head up the new satellite Nintendo campus in Hogan’s Alley
  • Dr. Donkey Kong has retired from his position as Chairman of Barrel Throwing. He will be replaced by his colleague and nephew, Diddy Kong


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    Hey this is an amazing site you have here, I’m glad you took the time to make it because it definitely helped me find what I was looking for

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