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How To Prove The Existence of Bigfoot Once and For All

Despite the overwhelming evidence of Bigfoot, Yeti and Sasquatch, many skeptics continue to deny the existence of this shy and intelligent creature. Well, Mr. Scientist, I just have one question for you: If Bigfoot doesn’t exist, then how come WE … Continue reading

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Left-Handed FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What percentage of people are left-handed? Somewhere around 10 percent of the total population, making left-handers one of the smallest minority groups in America. And though great strides have been made towards left-handed equality (we are no longer burned at … Continue reading

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What I Want

I want that annoying girl to leave me alone. I want her to stop calling my cell phone, to stop showing up at my front door and to stop asking why I “married her in the first place.” I want … Continue reading

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Let’s Go Berry Picking!

Go ahead – ask me! Ask me what I want to do today! No? Okay, then I’ll just come out and say it – LET’S GO BERRY PICKING!! Too early? No way, Jose! This is it – the FIRST day … Continue reading

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Good Surprise, Bad Surprise

Good surprise: waking up to the smell of freshly baked pancakes. Bad surprise: realizing you’re in jail with a pending DWI and your cellmate used all the syrup. Good surprise: coming home to see that your friends have cooked you … Continue reading

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Childhood Memories

My first kiss was in 1st grade. I was playing Go Fish with this girl named Sandy, when all of sudden she leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. I liked it, but for weeks after I kept wondering … Continue reading

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Excerpts From My Space Novel

As the wreckage of the space transporter smoldered in the background, Gavin surveyed the exotic jungle scenery laid out before him and the crew. “Well, it was close, but we made it,” he said optimistically. And with that, he turned … Continue reading

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